Come Out & Play 2015 - Graphic design by Anke Gassen
Come Out & Play 2015 - Graphic design by Anke Gassen

Graphic design by Anke Gassen
Photography, video, web & FB by Jackie Helvey

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2015 Slideshow Movie and Photos

All music was performed live on the Wac Stern Show on WCOM 103.5 FM featuring Glass Kit with "Faulty Love;" Holy Ghost Tent Revival with "Got A New;" Campfires and Constellations with "Movin';" Urban Soil with "Answer Man;" Lemon Jordan with "Stones;" Ellen Hart and Connor Belson with "Falling;" and The Commandeers with "I Don't Know Why."

JimGin Farm is located at 150 Wild Horse Run, Pittsboro, NC, 27312.
For more information email Debbie Meyer at or call 919.942.3252.

Directions West from Carrboro, go out Jones Ferry Road. Measuring from the light at Willow Creek Shopping Plaza, go 5 and 3/4 miles then turn left onto Wild Horse Run, a gravel drive marked by a street sign. There are Come Out and Play banners at the street entrance. Follow the drive until it ends at JimGin Farm. Parking is on the right after passing through the wooden gate.