Come Out and Play 2016 Slideshow
For the 15th year in a row, sculptors displayed their creations at the Come Out and Play sculpture show at JimGin farm, just outside Carrboro. Sculptures of many media and form, created by over 70 artists, dotted the landscape of this 17-acre horse farm. Artists keep 100 percent of the proceeds.

This show began in 2002 as part of a group of shows put on by Debbie Meyer, Jackie Helvey, Hunter Levinsohn, Anke Gassen, and Hollie Taylor, to honor the victims of 9/11. Attendees, who loved seeing sculpture in an outdoor setting, and artists, who often don't have a place to display larger sculptures, asked for it to continue. Over 2,000 people attended this year's show.

Featured Artists for Come Out and Play 2016:

Abdullateef | Flora Arnsberger | Matthew Arnsberger | Ginger Bauer | Paul Bauer | Cindy Biles | Meredith Bridges | William Brock | Gary Caldwell | Nora Cirella | Joe Coates | Lee Moore Crawford along with Jewel Bee and The Lady Goose | Karen Paden Crouch | Jonathan Davis | Lauren deSerres | Teddy Devereux | Andrew Dixon | John Donahue | Mark Elliott | Holly Felice | Reuven Fields | Ken Fisher | Phyllis Fleming | Johny Glaze | Dumay Gorham | Forrest Greenslade | Chris Harkey | Phil Hathcock | Carol Haynes | Jimmy Haynes | Jackie Helvey | Carter Hubbard | Orlan Johnson | Kevin Kuhnel | Carol Kroll | Eduardo Lapetina | Anthony Lester | Joy Lester | Hunter Levinsohn | Susi Lieff | John Makowski | Frank Mangieri | Jenny Marsh | Katie Maxwell | Stevenson McNeill | Brian Mergenthaler | Christie Minchew | Chuck Minchew | William Moore | Ray Olive | Kate Parrent | James Peery | Linda Person | Roger Person | Brian Plaster | Norman Rabins | Steven Reinhart | Barbara Rhoades | Thomas Rockriver | Mike Roig | Beverly Rouse | Jackson Rudolph | Edson Seda | Ryan Schmidt | Richard Seed | John Shoneman | Rusty Sieck | Jason Smith | Melissa Smith | Holly Taylor | Pringle Teetor | Wayne Vaughn | Bob Wade | Timothy Werrell | Edwin White | Melissa York | Sailot Ziira

Download the invitation/flyer designed by Anke Gassen

JimGin Farm is located at 150 Wild Horse Run, Pittsboro, NC, 27312
For more information email Debbie Meyer at or call 919.942.3252

Like us on Facebook! Directions West from Carrboro, go out Jones Ferry Road. Measuring from the light at Willow Creek Shopping Plaza, go 5 and 3/4 miles then turn left onto Wild Horse Run, a gravel drive marked by a street sign. There are Come Out and Play banners at the street entrance. Follow the drive until it ends at JimGin Farm. Parking is on the right after passing through the wooden gate.

2015 Slideshow Movie

All music was performed live on the Wac Stern Show on WCOM 103.5 FM featuring Glass Kit with "Faulty Love;" Holy Ghost Tent Revival with "Got A New;" Campfires and Constellations with "Movin';" Urban Soil with "Answer Man;" Lemon Jordan with "Stones;" Ellen Hart and Connor Belson with "Falling;" and The Commandeers with "I Don't Know Why."

2016 Photos

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