Mark Dorosin in Hell

Carrboro on "The Daily Show"

CARRBORO-- April 23, 2003
The much anticipated airing of Carrboro Alderman Mark Dorosin's interview finally materialized last night on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.

Comical previews for the show featuring Dorosin bantering back and forth with Daily Show correspondent Stephen Cobert were aired twice over the past few weeks, with an "on our next show" lead in.

The interview had to do with the Carrboro Board of Aldermen's decision to designate April "French Trade Month" in Carrboro, in response to that country's resistance to the war in Iraq.

Mark Dorosin in the Daily Show interviewShowing Dorosin in a red beret and referring to him as a "power mad Alderman," they also referred to the Board of Aldermen as "clearly just a puppet government installed by the Chiraci regime." A scene showed folks at Johnny's Sporting Goods as "the last holdouts to the French occupation." The Pizza Hut "buffet" sign, and Crooks Corner "Cafe" sign were shown as evidence of the occupation.

"It was the funniest thing I've ever, ever, ever seen in my life," said Carrboro's Mayor Mike Nelson.

Mark has local notoriety as a writer, performer, and producer of plays seen at the ArtsCenter here in Carrboro. He's also a lawyer, the head of the local chapter of the ACLU, and along with his wife Bronwyn, owns the bar named Hell on Rosemary St. in Chapel Hill.

We hope lots of folks saw Mark's moment in the spotlight. Tune in for the rerun this evening at 5:30 pm on Comedy Central, Carrboro channel 36.

If you missed it, here it is.

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