Carrboro Hero Saluted

The Carrboro Community Park was officially renamed on Sept. 8 in a public reception at 7:00 pm at Town Hall. The Henry "Hank" Anderson III Community Park has been named in honor of sitting alderman Hank Anderson, who was the director of the Chapel Hill Recreation and Parks Dept. from 1969-1997. He was elected to the Carrboro Board of Alderman in 1993, and re-elected last year.

Fellow board members Jacquie Gist and Hilliard Caldwell lauded their friend and colleague during the renaming ceremony, for his endless dedication to helping folks out. It was standing room only at the ceremony. Lots of Mr. Anderson's friends and folks were there, sharing bits of information about him we may not have known. Hank and his wife Frances were both on hand for the dedication.

Hank Anderson has spent his life pursuing his dreams, and helping others make their dreams happen. Not only is Mr. Anderson a community activist right here at home, he is nationally reknowned for his innovative ideas in the arena of recreation, and helping get kids the programs they need to motivate and inspire them. Mr. Anderson has played an important role on the board, helping expand his vision of our community. He is much loved and well respected by our community. Some folks might even consider him an angel among us.

The Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to rename the park on June 23rd. Located on Highway 54 West, the Henry Anderson III Community (formerly known as the Carrboro) Park offers a variety of recreational activities sponsored by Carrboro Recreation and Parks, a wonderful pond with lots of local wildlife, and an incredibly beautiful walking trail that circles it. There are also picnic shelters and athletic fields that are available to rent.

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