5000 Flowers Project All artwork at these locations should be picked up at the
Century Center lobby on Monday, September 30 between 5:30 and 6:30.

5000 Flowers Project at the Carrboro Century Center

Carrboro Century Center:

Misericordia by Gordon Jameson Amy Abernethy - "Ornamental Basil"
Vidabeth Bensen - "Jumping Flowers"
Catherine Boyd - "Red Flower in a Vase"
Marķa Claro - "Saturday Night"
Kris Davis - "Magnolia"
John Faust - "Peace"
Maggi Ann Grace - "Blue"
Jim Haberman - two untitled photos
Gordon Jameson - "Misericordia"
Sylvia Lacey - "Red Hibiscus" & "Purple Bearded Iris Mesa"
Frank Mangieri - "Calla Lillies"
Marge Merritt - "Happy Faces"
Eva Metzger - "Splash of Color"
Worried Glass by James Williams Julia O'Daly - "After the Fire, a Shower of Hyacinths"
Mary Jean Roberts - "Nicotiana Tabacum" & "Autumn Grape Vine"
Katherine Taylor - "Bird of Paradise"
Nancy Tilly - "Zinnia"
Denise Todloski - "Blue Passion Flower"
Damian Tolfree - "Fluffy Flowers"
Sharna Tolfree - "Not Organically Grown"
Grace Li Wang - "Sunflower"
Nancy Whittington - "Motif of Healing Grace" & "Healing Circle"
James Williams - "Worried Glass"

5000 Flowers Project at Carrboro Town Hall

Carrboro Fire Station:

Bonnie Borgesi - "Lament for the Fallen"

Carrboro Town Hall:

Amy Abernethy - "Grecian Foxglove"
Lament for the Fallen by Bonnie Borgesi is on display at the Carrboro Fire Station Elvira Butler
Wendy Calloway - "Sand Flower"
Jason Chen - "Remembrance"
Ken Crossen - "Feel This Love"
Barbi Dalton - "Summer Blooms"
Helen Knapp - "Remembrance Bouquet"
Hunter Levinsohn - "Study for Disposable People in a Black and White World"
Meredith Mayer - "My Mother's Flower"
Joan Mead - "Ladybird's Poppies" & "Azaleas"
Beatrice Metzger - "Beatrice & Her Family" & "Blue Flowers"
Meg Millard - "Pitcher Plant"
Helen Nacheman - "Heroic Flowers"
Pat Nenninger - "Amsterdam Bouquet" & "Snow Iris"
Susan Neulist - "Flower Song"
Stephanie O'Daly - "A Single Rose"
Angel P. Redoble - "Lotus 2 & 3"
Sara Smith - "Angels Watch Over Us" & "From Light to Dark"
Karen Stone - "Happy Birthday Joe"
Sharma Tolfree - "My Mom's Garden"
Erin Vickery - "Flower Study in Pencil"
James Williams - "Today Please, Not Tomorrow"

5000 Flowers Project at weaver Street Market Cafe

Weaver St. Market Cafe:

David Alsobrooks - "Bouquet"
Susan Broili - "Halo"
Monarchs of the Garden by Cat Moleski First Graders from Central Elementary School in Hillsborough - Renika Albright, Marchello Alston, Alina Cole, Brandon Durham, Cody Ellison, Thomas Franklin, Josheph Gardner, Bobby Grady, Jameri Harris, Caria Jackson, Alexis Leija, Jessica Lewis, Michalen Lopez, Jose Maya, David Moreno, Billy Nicholson, Adam Reynolds, Anna Seip, Justin Snotherly, Alan Thompson, Zachary Whitted, and Emily Vaughn.
Fifteen pieces from Chapel Hill Campus Nursery School
Colyer Durovich - "Yarn Flower"
Graeme Durovich - "Paper Flower"
Keegan Durovich - "Monarch Flower"
Ellen Giamportone - "Magnolia Bloom I & II"
Maggi Ann Grace - "Rebuilding a Rose" & "In Memory"
Mary Anne Kluger - "Lotus"
Carroll Lassiter - "Poppies & Larkspur" & "In the Garden"
Kristin Leonard - "Tulip Garden"
Nerys Levy - "Wisteria, England I"
Tamera Mulanix - "Love"
Helen Nacheman - "Floral Spray"
Cat Moleski - "Monarchs of the Garden"
Dan Rose - "Engendered Species"
Patricia Sawin - "Peace Poppies"
Laura Shmania - "Warmed by my Love" & "Renewal"
Rita Spina - "Window on the World" & "Right-Eyed Flower"
Damian Tolfree - "Red & Gold"
Erin Vickery - "Flower Study in Acrylic"
Tim Willink - "Wallflower I & II"

5000 Flowers Project at weaver Street Market Cafe