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All the Way Choo Choo

Lyrics by Orville Campbell,
music by Hank Beebe

Talk about your football heroes old
Talk about your great ones, brave and bold
Just hark the sound of Tar Heel voices
Singing the same old tune:
All the Way Choo Choo, all the Way
A-chug chug chugga with a Hip Hooray
Bing, bat, boot that ball around
Open that throttle and cover ground
A two-ton tackle got his man
Across him laid his two-ton span,
"Don't move,'' Two-Ton said to him,
"Choo Choo may come by again.''
A touchdown pass would break a tie
The end said, "Hit me in the eye.''
While thousands roared, the coach looked glum,
Choo Choo merely said, "Which one?''
Punt Formation once was called,
Choo Choo waited for the ball.
Why, it ought to be against the law,
They found that ball in Arkansas.
At the football game he does all the stunts,
He runs, he passes, fakes, or punts;
Between the halves he leads the band,
Then sells peanuts in the stands.
A football field is a hundred yards long,
Check these figures, they ain't wrong;
He took the ball, poured on the coal,
Ran a thousand yards from goal to goal.
He took the kickoff on the 10,
The crowd yelled, "Man, he's off again.''
Zigging through tackles, zagging through guards,
He razzle dazzled for 90 yards.

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