View of the Century Center from Greenboro St.

The Carrboro Century Center offers handicap accessibilty to both levels of its facility. Because it can be a bit confusing, Ellen Perry leads the way through the series of pictures below, beginning with the lower level entrance on South Greensboro St., where the lobby and meeting rooms are located.

This is where you go to enter through the lower level. Continue to your left. This is  the first set of door you use to enter. From here you go through another door. This is the hallway that leads to the lower level lobby. Go left here and you will be in the lower level.

The Century Center offers numerous meeting rooms in the lower level.

Entry to the upstairs area of the Century Center begins at the wheelchair ramp shown here. Continue up the next ramp into the Police Department or on up to Century Hall.

Carrboro also has a handicap van at on hand.
The wheelchair ramp is located on the Weaver St./South Greensboro St. corner of the Century Center and takes you into the upper level, where the Police Deparment and Century Hall are located. There is an elevator in the Century Center, which is ordinarily kept locked, but you can request access to it in advance.

The Town of Carrboro also has a handicap equipped van on premises at the Century Center.

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