Clyde Jones was born on Rocky Road, going towards Goldsboro, in 1938 or 39, he thinks. He doesn't remember, and never really kept track. Clyde is a truly unique individual. He is completely unconcerned with the things that alot of people worry about. He couldn't care less about worldly possessions. That's probably why he doesn't sell his works. He gives them away. As long as he has a chaw and a roof over his head, he's happy.
Clyde lives in Bynum, NC, south of Carrboro and Chapel Hill, going towards Pittsboro. The first time you drive up to Clyde's house, you won't believe your eyes. It's a critter wonderland, where hundreds of his creatures dwell. If you know someone who could use a smile, bring them to Clyde's.
Since 1982, Clyde has been making his creations. Clyde and his critters have travelled the world. There's one that sits on the Great Wall of China. They've been to Africa, the Phillipines, Peru, and one is living in Taiwan.
They've also been around the United States several times. They took a 4 day trip to Washington on October 9th. Clyde goes to lots of schools, to show kids how they too, can create art. He shows how things are done, then let's the children play an active role in the creation of a critter. He loves it as much as they do! Clyde is truly a national treasure, and so are his critters!

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Clyde and his critters in 2004
Clyde and his critters in 2002
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