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Greg McCallum


Reflections Reviews

“This outstanding collection of reflective piano music presents some familiar fare in an atypical program originally intended to provide comfort and solace to a friend of the performer who was suffering from cancer. McCallum’s playing is marvelous…he is a superb technician with remarkable artistic sensibilities. Each work is a gem unto itself, and there is in the compilation a wonderful sense of unity. This CD seems to offer much more than everyday piano recital recordings. Few CDs come with notes that are as illuminating as those that accompany this one. They cover the music altogether admirably and relate the specific selections directly to the program with atypical skill. It should come as no real surprise that they are by the performer himself. The sound is absolutely first rate.
- John Lambert - The Classical Voice of North Carolina ~


Health Care

As a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Greg's CD is wonderfully useful. For relaxation during labor, the music most often used is sort of New Age (or what ever it is called now), like Wyndam Hill, Narada, Steve Halpern -- great music -- but there is something paretic; airily calming to hearing classical music, even if one, like many younger moms, isn't used to hearing it, it is vaguely recognizable to them. Classical music repeats itself and there is something subconsciously comforting in that.

I am usually a very optimistic person, but after Sept. 11, I have had some pessimistic times when I reflect on what kind of world we are creating for our children. Attending Greg's New Year's Eve concert at our church and putting his CD on give me hope …
- Gini Bright – Chapel Hill, NC

Many will be blessed by this music this Christmas. I realized in listening to the CD again that much of the music I sang in choirs over the years - and some even struggled to play as a child – its familiarity is in itself calming and very nourishing – many thanks. Many of my friends and I will be graced by the beauty and serenity you create for this world. Know that you bring pleasure to so many of us in a time when we need this peace and groundedness. I cannot think of a better gift for all of us.
- Corki Ford – Santa Monica, CA

I am writing this letter to let you know how “Reflections” helped me during a very difficult surgery. In December, I was a patient in the MOHS Surgical Unit at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Prior to my surgery, I was quite nervous because of the invasive procedure required. The doctor and nurses selected a CD for me to listen to while I was waiting, and I must say, it comforted me a great deal and helped me overcome my anxiety. Hearing those melodic sounds of you playing the piano really made the whole experience more pleasant for me and I have since purchased the CD.

Thank you for caring enough to create such a therapeutic collections of songs and I hope it continues to heal others in need.
- Marylyn M. MacCallum – Chapel Hill, NC

In Reference to September 11, 2001

If everyone listened to Greg's “Reflections” CD every morning before they start their day, and again, before they go to bed at night, we'd have to look up the term "road rage,” insomniacs would find relief, and there would be drastic reductions in so much senseless bickering. His music brings us all face to face with the essential part of ourselves, and all you can hear is the beat of our heart.

I think the War on Terrorism should include a mandate that everyone listen to Greg's “Reflections” CD every morning before they start their day, and again, before they go to bed at night.
- Maggi Grace, Technical Consultant for NC Arts for Health – Chapel Hill, NC

On the morning of September 11th I was in my UNC office, where I work, with five colleagues. We were alerted by a phone call telling us a plane had hit The World Trade Center in New York. The television we use for training videos was immediately set up and we all watched in horror as the second plane struck its target and we heard of the third plane crashing in Pennsylvania. The television stayed on all during our working hours and there was no escaping the awful details repeated over and over and scenes of rescue and death. That evening my husband and I were drawn to the TV News coverage as we anxiously watched and waited to see what further developments might occur and what reaction our country would take. The radio alarm woke us the next day with more terrible news reports. When I arrived at my office, the TV was already on and there was no way to avoid the heart breaking sights and sounds as they were reported and re-reported all day. By mid-afternoon I could take no more and left for home. There I put Greg's beautiful, soothing "Reflections" CD on the player, lay down on the couch and let the lovely, quiet music wash over me. It was a healing experience for both body and soul as the music transported me away from the agony of reality into a realm of peace and hope. Since that time whenever life has become stressful and nerves frayed I have been able to experience the same quiet restful peace the music brings and refresh my spirit. I will be forever grateful to Greg for such a gift.
- Frances Stein - Pittsboro, NC


Greg brings much more than wonderful musical ability to his work. He has a spirit about him that exudes a sense of peace. When I am finding it difficult to create sermons, I listen to Greg's Reflections and inspiration invariably comes. His music is good for the soul.- Rev Kaye Crawford – Hillsborough United Church of Christ, NC

Greg McCallum is indeed a masterful musician. The added gift in this CD is the spirit it captures. Greg seems to breath in sync with the soul of each composition he selected and then interprets the blend with sensitivity and passion.

Beyond the beauty and excellence, there are subtle, indefinable qualities in this work that encourage the harmony of mind, body and spirit. From the opening "Ave Maria," performed with devotion as well as musical clarity, to the closing, mellow "Reflections in D,” I knew this would be a CD that I would not only enjoy personally but would use to enrich workshops, rituals and services.
- Gloria D. Karpinski – Winston Salem, NC
Author of Barefoot on Holy Ground and Where Two Worlds Touch


This recording is one of the most beautiful CDs of piano music that I have heard. Mr. McCallum gives the talented and sensitive performance that his listeners have come to expect - and the selections for this CD include some of the most beautiful pieces written for the piano. It is a must-have for music lovers at all levels.
- Katherine Springer – Carmel, CA

I have listened to your CD probably about 10 times now. I listen to it when I am working on the computer and find it very calming and serene. It really is a lovely CD.
- Wissam Boustany - London, England

I've been listening to Greg's CD while working at home today, and I am extremely impressed. Not only is it a wonderful selection of music consummately played, but also the recording quality is outstanding. Played through the Infinity IL-40 towers (no surround sound), it sounds like I'm sitting four feet from the piano. The subtlety of the harmonics is amazing.- Ron Hodges – Washington, D.C.


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