"Trying to Make Black and White Out of Red, White and Blue"

I did this piece in 1990 as a protest against the flag amendment the 1st Bush administration was attempting to push through the congress. The flag is a symbol of American freedom and justice. This amendment to the Constitution seemed to be an assault on our first amendment right to freedom of speech. The use of the American flag design with the stars in the shape of the swastika was intended as a protest against the proposed flag amendment.

The Constitution of the United States of America is an awesome document! One of the reasons is that it gives room for many interpretations. I am opposed to any change that limits or makes smaller its broad scope.

I feel that in the national climate of 2003 this piece is perhaps an even more important statement. We share in the responsibility of insuring freedom of speech to those whose opinions we do not agree with as well as those whose opinions we share.

Hunter C. Levinsohn
July 7, 2003


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