The Community Art Project Labyrinth

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When the 2008 Community Art Project Committee (co-chaired by me, Jackie Helvey, and Andi Sobbe) decided on the theme "Elements," we also decided we wanted to have a kick-off event of some sort to get people involved and make them aware of the Fifth Annual Community Art Project. The event we decided on was the building of a labyrinth.

A labyrinth is a path of concentric circles designed to walk for relaxation and meditation. We decided on a 3 circuit Cretan labyrinth, and hired environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck to direct the project.

Work on the labyrinth actually started several weeks prior to the actual building. Led by Friends of Bolin Creek member Bill Bracey, members of the committee gathered on two Saturday mornings, one in January and another in February, and pulled up invasive species from along the creek. These plants were loaded into a dump truck and transported to the project site, The Community Center on Estes Drive.

Bryant, together with committee member Hunter Levinsohn, laid out the pattern, and on March 1, 2008 the public was invited to join the Community Art Project Committee for the construction of the Elements Labyrinth.

As you can see from this image, taken on March 22, the path of the Labyrinth has become well worn, a testiment to it's success. The labyrinth will remain at the Community Center through May.

Update: The labyrinth lasted well over a year at this spot, slowly degrading until the final traces were scooped away. Even then, the trail lasted for some time afterward.

Photos by Jackie Helvey of UniqueOrn Enterprises