I Feel Better with Music - An Arts-based Curriculum and Accompanying Tool Kit

This tool kit is designed for professionals and parents to help provide preschoolers diagnosed with cancer, disease and treatment information, a repertoire of coping skills and behavior management techniques. The tool kit is designed for a deeply impacting learning experience.

This tool kit includes:

1. An arts-based curriculum delivered by Mother Goose in an observational preschool learning format using music and activities.

2. Music by a diverse cross-section of artistic genres, therapeutic styles, relaxation techniques, imagery, and energizing arrangements.

3. Reinforcing booklets that reflect curriculum information and create opportunities for discussion.

4. Learning components work together with the curriculum. The learning components consist of: Backpack, Teddy Bear, Stuffed sock Monkey, Cd Player, Musical Instruments (bells, morrocas, shakers, and spoons), Medical Kit, Play Doh, Bubble Bear, Blanket, Fairy Kisses, Secret Pouch Holder, and Puppet.