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PDY Blog for 1-1-05

2005, at last!

    At last, our annus horribilis 2004 is finally over, featuring a man-made disaster of epic proportions on Nov. 2, and ending with one of the worst natural disasters in history on Dec. 26. And didnít our president live up to our low expectations in response to both? He still hasnít shown his face down there in Texas, hiding out the way he did on 9-11. So Iím thinking maybe heís slipped back into the cocaine and booze or heís fallen off his horse again or picked up the wrong end of a chain sawÖ.you just never know.

    There are some things we should keep in mind as we face a new year, the chance for a new beginning:
  1. There were no weapons of mass destruction.
  2. We are well past the time set for our troops to withdraw from Iraq. And, yet, the death toll gets worse every day.
  4. There were no WMDs and there IS no crisis in Social Security.
  5. Pray for peace, but get ready to march. Itís going to be a long 4 years.
    Even as I am typing these words, I have a big pot of blackeyed peas cooking on the stove. Itís not that Iím superstitious, Iím just not going to take any chances. Any excuse to start over. As usual my personal New Yearís Resolutions are fairly simple goals of more and less:
  1. Eat and drink less.
  2. Write and Exercise more.
    In fact, Iím determined to see four or five writing projects through to publication this year. Ralph Hemecker of Mythic Films has renewed his option for the movie rights to my Vietnam memoir, Two of the Missing. That should give me enough money to buy a decent used car and also to publish Hanged By a Dream? I have the completed manuscript and itís obvious nobodyís going to publish it if I donít. I also have two new ideas for plays and both fairly well thought out. AND, there is the novel Iíve been playing with for years; and the memoirÖ. I say to myself: Self, just get up every day and do it!