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Two of the Missing - click to enlarge

New Book updates ongoing search for Errol Flynn’s Son and colleague still missing in Cambodia

April 6, 2010 marked the 40th anniversary of the capture of Vietnam War photojournalists Sean Flynn (son of Errol Flynn) and Dana Stone. We are proud to help keep their memories alive.

Remembering Sean Flynn and Dana Stone

“Two of the Missing is one of the great books about photographers in war. Author Perry Deane Young reminds me of Stingo in Sophie's Choice, paying witness to the doomed pair of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone as they pursue their photocraft unto death. In a real, but cinematic last moment, Flynn and Stone ride away on their motorcycles toward another grand combat adventure in Cambodia. It is the road leading up to that scene that makes this such a brilliant tale. ” — David Hume Kennerly, Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer

“What great news that Two of the Missing is finally back in print. Perry Deane Young's account of the life and times and disappearance of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone is definitive. The flamboyant Flynn and rock-solid Stone were the best of a breed of fearless young war correspondents — the friends of our youth — and we miss them still.” — Joseph L. Galloway, War correspondent 1965-2006, co-author of We Were Soldiers Once...and Young, and We Are Soldiers Still

Praise for the original 1975 edition

The Washington Post: “Magnificent…Unforgettable…One of the best books yet prompted by the Vietnam War.”

Newsday: “Two of the Missing is a tender book about war, about friendship and love, with more plain virility to it than all the gory epics put together—because it is unmistakably real. No earlier American war could have produced such a book, and no other book on the Vietnam disaster brought it as close….”

Army Times: “The impact of this book was such that I wanted to open a bottle of champagne to toast a work of art because Two of the Missing is more that than the story of a group of young journalists having the thrill of their young lives. Young’s writing weaves a tapestry of reality that should be viewed by all who were there. It is a brilliant, sad, and sometimes funny portrayal of this country’s most tumultuous era.”

Truman Capote: “Perry Deane Young is a fine young writer, a most welcome newcomer, and his documentary-narrative Two of the Missing is a moving and engrossing chronicle of several fascinating young men drifting toward mysterious and desperate destinations.”

Christopher Isherwood: “With astonishing art, Perry Deane Young had woven war reporting, a memoir of half a dozen friends, and a cheerfully frank self-portrait into the form of a novel which is all fact. Within the scene of Vietnam, he has made his untypical, weird, heroic characters seem to enact the drama of their entire generation. This is an extraordinary book, I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Merle Miller: “Two of the Missing is such a beautiful, poetic, and important book that I wish everybody who loves good books would read it. It is not just about two men who were lost in a disastrous war. It is about all those who took part in that war, including those who, like Perry Deane Young, came back. More than that, it is about that whole generation who grew up in the sixties. And about those of us whose war was decades ago. Hell, it is about everybody anywhere ever, which, of course, all true literature is.”

Publisher’s Weekly: “In the 1960s, Vietnam drew a group of young people, photographers and journalists who are only now starting to write books about it. Young is one of these, and his memoir may well be a hard act to follow…His portraits of himself and his friends hold the key to a generation.”

The Kirkus Reviews: “A devastating personal statement about the condition of our own hearts and minds and everything we lost in the war.”


The David Kopay Story
The Boston Globe: “A myth-shaking, human-bonding book.”

Woman Today Book Club: “It’s about finding one’s identity and having the courage to carry it through—a subject of great concern to women today.”

“A dazzling and wonderful book.” Merle Miller, author of Plain Speaking and On Being Different.

Additional information on David Kopay:


God's Bullies Edwin Yoder in The Washington Post: “Perry Deane Young’s lively examination of the current fundamentalist incursion into politics fills a need…Young’s book is informative and sensible and at times eloquent.”

Robert Sherrill in the New Republic: “A witty and thoughtful writer.”

Booklist: “This is a shocking expose of pharisees, hypocrites, and money changers who use the Christian gospel to obtain politi cal power and to fleece innocent, trusting people…This stinging indictment, painful to read as it may be, should be in every public library.”

The Washington Monthly: “Young’s book is more than just gossip and isn’t the alarmist reaction to the New Right we are used to seeing. It exposes the hypocrisy of New Right leaders and ideas in an engagingly personal, funny, and thought-provoking way.”


The Untold Story     "Most people's mothers told them about Winnie the Pooh and Tigger the Tiger; my mother told me about a woman who cut her husband's head off with an axe and similar stories - I've always been grateful for that."

    Bestselling author Perry Deane Young has announced the publication of a new edition of his widely-praised true murder mystery, The Untold Story of Frankie Silver, Was She Unjustly Hanged?

    Two days before Christmas in 1831, Frankie Silver killed her husband, Charles, with an axe and burned parts of the body in the fireplace in their little cabin near the Toe River in what is now Mitchell County, N.C. She was tried at Morganton, convicted and hanged for her crime in July of 1833. The story gave rise to generations of folktales and ballads that were all false. Native son Perry Deane Young moves beyond the fiction to explore the fascinating true story of why Frankie Silver may have been unjustly hanged.

Reviews of the original edition of:

The Untold Story "Most of my life I've heard stories about a pretty mountain lady who was hanged for nothing more serious than murdering her husband. Here...and I can say at last after one and a half centuries- -is the true account, thoroughly researched and beautifully presented. It's a high-road journey into this Appalachian mystery. --John Ehle, author of The Land Breakers, The Road, The Journey of August King.

“Perry Deane Young has taken one of the best-known stories, legends, ballads of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains and reconstructed Frankie Silver's murder of her husband in December 1831, and her public hanging in July, 1833, as close to the truth as thoughtful research makes possible. His detailed record of that research reveals a model of professional and personal perseverance that adds a new dimension to an old and riveting tragedy.
--Wilma Dykeman, author of The French Broad, The Far Family and (with James Stokley), Highland Homeland and Neither Black nor White.

"Of all the tales of tragedy to emerge from the mists of North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, none has been more enduring than that of the death of Charles Silver at the hands of his wife, Frances Stuart. Unfortunately, it has accumulated exaggeration and error much as a snowball hurtling down the slope is covered with debris. Only in recent days have efforts been made to peer behind the veneer of distortion and discover the truth. Perry Deane Young has not only been ideally situated to uncover the long hidden and neglected documentation, but also had the expertise in research and the literary skill to bring the facts to expression. At long last Frankie has an advocate with whom she would be pleased.
--Lloyd Bailey, professor of Old Testament History at Duke University and president of the Yancey county History Association, author of Heritage of the Toe River Valley, Vols. I, II, III.

“Young Frances Silver's ax murder of her husband in the Appalachian mountains in 1831 and her subsequent hanging was the subject of a novel by Sharyn McCrumb earlier this year, The Ballad of Frankie Silver. Young, a veteran reporter, has sifted actual documents to chronicle and correct the facts about a fascinating case surrounded by myth.
--Nancy Pate, The Orlando Sentinel

“This book is thoroughly researched and clearly written by Young, who says in the preface, "It's high time we allowed for the possibility that Frankie Silver may have been unjustly hanged." One of several books published recently on the Frankie Silver story, this one is likely to stimulate renewed interest in the case among scholars and others.
-- Al Stewart, Our State

“(Perry Deane Young) provides important historical background to this fascinating story...Young is able to build suspense, even for a story many of his readers may already know... This personal tone is refreshing in a historical study...By personalizing both Frankie Silver's story and his own search for it, Young has given readers an interesting and well-written book about history and the way it is created.
--Lynn Moss Sanders, Appalachian Journal Lynn Moss Sanders teaches literature and folklore at Appalachian State University.

“There are many stories about Frankie Silver. The best book I have seen on the subject is The Untold Story of Frankie Silver by Perry Deane Young…This is perhaps the true account of this old tragedy and provides a genealogy of the descendants of Frankie’s daughter. A novel, The Ballad of Frankie Silver, by Sharyn McCrumb is a very popular telling of the story…I believe the Young book to be the more authentic telling of the story.”
Mary Jane Simmons on the Burke County Genealogy website:

For additional information on Frankie Silver, go to or

Frankie - The Play The play, Frankie, by William Gregg and Perry Deane Young has just been published in book form. The book is available through the authors. To purchase a copy of the book, contact either one of them in person. You can send a check for $6.50 to Perry Deane Young at Box 1366, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 and he will send you the book.

Hanged By A Dream?

    On a bitterly cold winter’s night in January 1881, Joshua Young was disturbed by an incredible dream or vision as he lay down to sleep. A young woman with a broken neck appealed to him for help. He kept trying to sleep, but the dream persisted. Next morning, he and a neighbor stopped a funeral cortege walking by. When they opened the casket, Joshua was astounded to see the woman’s face from his dream. He lifted her body up and her head fell back. Young held the husband and sent for the coroner and the sheriff. The woman’s husband, Stephen Effler, was tried, convicted and hanged for beating his wife to death.

    Author Perry Deane Young had heard this story about his grandfather’s first cousin from the time he was a child growing up on a farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Recently, he went in search of the facts behind the many tall tales and legends. This led him to the trial documents and the murderer’s own chilling confession written in gory detail the day before he was hanged. Young is the author of eight other non-fiction books and two plays. His book, The Untold Story of Frankie Silver, tells the true story from the same mountain valley of a woman who cut her husband’s head off with an axe and was hanged for it. Young found some similarities and many telling differences in the stories. Frankie Silver was hanged because she was not allowed to take the stand and explain she killed her husband in self defense. Stephen Effler took the stand and lied. Hundreds of people signed petitions to save Frankie Silver from the gallows; nobody thought Effler was innocent.

Our Young Family

The Descendants of Thomas and Naomi Hyatt Young, Wilson and Elizabeth Hughes Young, Moses Young, African-American Youngs.

A monumental family history by PERRY DEANE YOUNG
More than 15,000 names, 450 photographs and hundreds of stories, memoirs, letters and documents.

The book is now available from the publisher at, 1-800-992-2691, or you may order the book directly from the author by sending a check for $75 to him at this address:
Perry Deane Young
P.O. Box 1366
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Please specify if you want the author to sign your copy of the book.


“Book provides insight into family, Southern Appalachia….What began as curiosity as a child about his forebears has culminated in a valuable contribution not only to Youngs everywhere but to anyone interested in the history of the Southern Mountains…While there are many pages of meticulously documented genealogy, fascinating stories fill the book with entertaining material that will interest even non-Youngs, although according to Young, ‘If there’s a family in the Mitchell, Avery, Yancey, and Madison area that we are not related to, I’ve never heard of it.’” --Michael Joslin in the Johnson City Press

Joy Franklin, editorial page editor, in the February 1, 2004, Asheville Citizen-Times: “A remarkable genealogy that resulted from 45 years finding answers to his questions…But it is much more than a genealogy. It is a book filled with stories and documentation that tell the intensely personal and human side of the history of a region and how it evolved…in many ways, it is superior to a work of fiction. The people are all real and the stories are all the more compelling because of it….Our Young Family is a handsomely bound book that was published by Archer Blevins, one of the many relatives Young met while researching his family’s genealogy…If your family has been in these mountains for many generations, you may well find some of your relatives among the many extended families represented here. Whether or not that is the case, anyone interested in the history of Western North Carolina will find this a wonderful resource.”

Dr. Lloyd R. Bailey, professor of Old Testament history and theology at Duke University, and author of the multi-volume Toe River Heritage, the most distinguished local history published in America: “Today’s mail brought the long expected volume, and it was no disappointment! I am impressed at its thoroughness and depth of research, to say nothing of the range of materials discovered and reproduced, and of the competent level of its language. My hat is off to you, Sir! You have done a fine service to all descendants and relatives, as well as anyone interested in Yancey County history. Blessings upon you!”

James D. “John” Silver, who has helped create and maintain the extraordinary Silver family website on the internet and with Rex Redmon, edit the monthly Silver Notes newsletter: “Received your book yesterday. It is a work of art! I have never seen anything to match it. Congratulations are well deserved. It is worth every penny of it and you can quote me on that! May you sell a million!”

Laura Willoree Young Blankenship of Asheville, NC: “The Book is fantastic! Thank you so much for doing it. I hate to think of the hours and hours of work that went into it. I am sure that you could never be adequately compensated in a monetary way, but you can well be proud of a job well done.”

Doris M. Tobias, New Freedom, PA: “Got my Young book and am just thrilled by it. You did an excellent job…fascinating reading. Thanks for all your efforts.”

Allen Young, Mitchell County, NC: “The book is awesome. It will be a treasure.”

Louise DeHart, Missouri: “Hello Cousin Perry: I was so thrilled to receive your masterpiece last Saturday. Thank you for so faithfully recording all the stories that I sent you about my wonderful mother….Your adoring cousin, Louise DeHart.”

Nancy Keith Wheaton: "Your book arrived today. What a beautiful book. You did a terrific job. I am overwhelmed. The Young Family is indeed blessed to have such a book as this. Congratulations and a big thank you for all your work--time, effort, money--to accomplish such a masterpiece. I am so glad to have a copy. Your Florida cousin, Nancy Keith Wheaton.”