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Big Brother and the Photo Police

January 15, 2004

    This is Perry Deane Young. Like you, I’m sure, I’m delighted to hear the Chapel Hill Town Council has finally come to its senses about Big Brother and the photo police. Back last year some time, a bare majority of the council voted to install these expensive cameras to catch people running red lights at certain intersections. There was no evidence whatsoever that this was a serious problem that needed fixing. If the police were doing their jobs, they wouldn’t need help from robot cameras. First they’re taking our pictures at intersections; next thing you know, they’ll have their cameras in our bedrooms. Now, it turns out the durn things don’t work.. The pictures were so bad, only a small fraction of the violators were actually ticketed. More important, the mere $50 fine had the effect of decriminalizing red light violators. Our new town council has now agreed to reconsider this whole issue. Let’s hope they vote to end this silly experiment that was a waste of taxpayers’ money and an insult to the freedom-loving people of Chapel Hill. Thanks for listening, this is Perry Deane Young.