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Welcome to our neighborhood, Cam Hill

February 5, 2004

    This is Perry Deane Young. As an 11-year resident of the Franklin Rosemary historic district, Id like to welcome Cam Hill and his family to the neighborhood. Cam is the best thing to happen to the Chapel Hill Town Council since Ive lived here. He breathes a fresh air of honesty and integrity into that group. For too long our town council has been bought-out by the rich developers who have turned Chapel Hill into another Cary or Apex. Now, I know that Cam took a lot of flak because he made a deal with the university when hed campaigned to stand up against university incursions into our town. The truth is, the university was crowding him out of house and home and he had no choice. If there was anything wrong with the deal Hill made with the University, it was that he didnt get more money and a bigger house . In addition to his children, Cam Hill will also be moving his three life-size plastic rhinoceroses to our historic district. Good for him. We need more rhinoceroses in our old neighborhood. Lord knows, weve got too many dinosaurs already living here. Thanks for listening, this is Perry Deane Young.