2015 Sculpture

1. Harmonic Symbosis Vorticity Gateway
Glass, steel, copper, bronze
Stan Harmon

Glass as a medium of self-expression has dominated my artistic endeavors since my first self-taught stain glass piece in the late 70s. No formal training is a recurring theme in the many mediums I work in and for which I have accordingly acquired the many necessary tools. My artwork is an attempt to recreate a moment in time, an atmosphere, the feeling of connection with the creatures that inhabit the many emotionally moving moments of time and space I have experienced in daily living and travel. I rarely sketch a work in advance, but instead sort of walk into the piece recreating the moment from deeply ingrained memories and feelings associated with the chosen subject or place. The closer I go into the scene the more I see and record, often discovering that I saw more the first time than I was ever aware. Hopefully others, through my art, will reconnect with their forgotten brushes with nature’s profound beauty.

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