2015 Sculpture

4. Cairn #1
Mixed media
Joseph Gargasz

Architectural in its design, ambiguous in form, this sculpture is evocative of other primitive markers, except with a contemporary twist. “Cairn” is composed from discarded construction materials, not water honed pebbles of fieldstones. Influenced by the rubbish piles around demolished building sites in Atlanta, the artist stacked and adjoined wood scraps coating them with rubberized roofing materials that are adorned with red oxidized pigments. The final patina appears like the rusty girders of a demolished building, a silhouetted skyscraper, or a fragment of a burned structure. “Cairn” stands as an ominous beacon inviting contemplations of what was once here at this locale, what is here now, and what may be built or demolished in the future.

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