2015 Sculpture

7. Native Homage
Steel and copper
Jason Smith

Metal sculpture allows me to push the limits of my creative freedom. When I bend a piece of steel or shape a piece of copper, I feel no boundaries. Steel allows me to think big. The process of my work may come from an idea or a concept, but most of the time the process develops and unfolds as I begin a new project. For me, it allows my art to come from my heart and not from my head.

So to describe my work, it begins in the scrapyard. I enjoy walking around and looking for pieces of metal that move me. It is a process that allows my “creative juices” to flow. I typically build a base or a platform out of steel and then start the sculpting process.

Steel is my preferred medium because I find it very forgiving. It allows me to bend, shape, and weld it the way I want it. I also enjoy incorporating copper into my sculptures because it is very malleable. I have chosen to primarily work with both steel and copper due to the way that they contrast against each other.

My hope as I continue to grow as an artist is that my sculptures evoke conversations and that anyone who views them are entranced by my passion.

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