The Wacqueline Stern Show grew out of the West End Report on the Arts, a radio show on WCOM 103.5 FM, Carrboro and Chapel Hill, NC's all volunteer radio station.

Hosted by Jackie "Wac" Helvey, the show featured professionals in the field of the arts - writers, musicians, painters, dancers, illustrators, filmmakers, actors, theater folks, poets, potters, sculptors, comedians, clothing designers, silk-screeners, woodworkers, metalsmiths, gallery & club owners, arts patrons & promoters, radio show hosts, mask-makers, childrens' book authors & illustrators, teachers, even a grammy-nominated record producer. The Triangle area is blessed with so much amazing talent, finding great guests was a breeze!
The Wac Stern Vimeo Channel is here.

Helvey began videotaping the show in July, 2009, and airing these video editions of her interviews online with links on Facebook. Chad Johnson, then director of The Peoples Channel, saw the videos and suggested she produce her own television show, which she promptly did.

Leery of her own skills but willing to try anything, the first episode of The Wacqueline Stern Show aired on February 20, 2010. The TV show airs on The Peoples Channel, in Carrboro/Chapel Hill at 11am on Tuesdays and in Durham on Durham Community Media at 4pm on Wednesdays. The shows are also below.

Individual interview videos can be found online on Vimeo. Jackie highlighted players in the area arts scene and Friday night performers at Cat's Cradle, The ArtsCenter, and other local area clubs, from all over! But mostly she concentrated on talent from right here in North Carolina, focusing on helping get their talent out there for the world to see. Her guests have actually said, "This is the only radio show I love to do."

The Wacqueline Stern broadcasted live Fridays at 6pm from WCOM 103.5 FM, in the front of the ArtsCenter at 300 East Main in Carrboro.

Closing statement:

I'd like to start by thanking all of the hundreds of great guests I've had on the Wacqueline Stern Show over the past 11+ years. You are all stars in my eyes, and it was a privilege for me to breathe the same air as you! My radio show has been a blast! I want to thank Audrey Layden, my first sound engineer and cohost, who actually talked me into doing the show in the first place. I also want to thank my dear friend Valarie Schwartz, who ran the sound board for me and helped interview guests for the past 7+ years. I couldn't have done it without her, or at least, it wouldn't have been as much fun! And with this I will bid adieu to WCOM. Last night was our final show. I appreciate the opportunity to do the show all these years. It's been an honor, and I've learned many skills and lessons while working at WCOM. What does the future hold? Who knows? On to the next adventure! Thanks for tuning in!

The Evolution

Valarie Schwartz and Jackie Helvey
Before WCOM began broadcasting in 2004, Jackie was involved with fundraising efforts to get the radio station (a former bank drive-up window) off the ground, and redesigned and maintained the WCOM website for several years, taking over from original designer Chris Frank.

At the urging of Audrey Layden, her first cohost and proposer of the show, Helvey began broadcasting, focusing on the arts, at 6pm on March 2, 2007, from beautiful downtown Carrboro, at the radio station's original location on the corner of West Weaver & North Greensboro Streets. Her first guest was Billy Sugarfix.

Cohost Valarie Schwartz now runs the board from the station's newest location at 300 East Main St., in the front of the ArtsCenter, flying solo since February 4, 2011. Thanks to both Val & Audrey for keeping the sound straight and contributing with insightful questions and comments.

Many thanks go out to our radio show underwriter, Shared Visions Foundation, Jay Miller & Ebeth Scott-Sinclair, who have believed in us, backed us, and encouraged us over the years.

A big thank-you goes out to J Kutchma from Red Collar for allowing us to use the music from his in-studio performance of "Radio On." The song is so fitting for this show, just perfect. Thanks again J! His song plays in the outgoing credits. Thanks also to Holy Ghost Tent Revival for the use of their in-studio performance of "Got A New" for our show entry.

Without the talent of J, HGTR, and all of our other guests, this show, and many of the other shows on WCOM, couldn't happen. These are the entertainers of our time, the people who make us happy we're in Carrboro, where creative, colorful folks make music and all other forms of art, to make us smile.

All of the The Wacqueline Stern TV Show episodes and many individual interviews are available on The Wacqueline Stern Show Channel on Vimeo. TV show links with a short synopsis of each show are listed below. Thanks for checking us out!

WCOM 103.5 FM is Carrboro/Chapel Hill's all-volunteer radio station, with over 60 locally produced shows live every week. Every Friday at 6pm features the Wacqueline Stern Show. Podcasts of the shows are online at

There are many locally produced shows on WCOM who are seeking underwriters, so tune in. Being where we are, doing what we do, reminds us how lucky we are to have such an amazing talent pool to choose from, and you just never know what you might learn!

We rely on underwriters to stay on the air as an all-volunteer radio station, so pledge your support for WCOM if you can, and help keep the most innovative and diverse radio station in the Triangle strong.

Thanks for tuning in. TURN ON YOUR RADIO! In Carrboro, it doesn't belong to corporate entities or big business, it belongs to US.

The Wacqueline Stern TV Show Archives

Episode #102 interview #1 features comedian Kathleen McDonald telling us about her new comedy show, "Eyes Up Here," and other news about the local area comedy scene.

Interview #2 features Meghan and Duncan Morgan and Julia Hartsell joining us to talk about The Bazaar, an event that happens quarterly in Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

Episode #101 interview #1 features artists Ron Liberti and Harry Wurster. They talked about their art and their current show along with the late Roger Kellison, "Layered Lives," at the ArtsCenter. All sales proceeds go to UNC Hospice.

Interview #2 features Megan Elise and Patrick Carney performing "Suckerpunch" and "Perfect Timing."

Episode #100 interview #1 features Nerys Levy. We discussed the upcoming Twenty-first Annual Community Dinner, the move for FRANK Gallery, and the long awaited free-standing Carrboro Library.

Interview #2 features Laura Kellison Wallace. Her father, the late Roger Kellison, has an art exhibit at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro in June, with Ron Liberti and Harry Wurster, titled "Layered Lives."

Episode #99 interview #1 features Carter Hubbard and her planting crew, to talk about Floraffiti, whose planting is happening right now, and event happens during the May 2nd Friday Artwalk.

Interview #2 features Richard Ellington and Angela Romatzick to talk about Carrboro Day.

Episode #98 interview #1 features Secret Monkey Weekend, Jefferson Hart and his daughters Ella (15), and and Lila (10), They performed "Down in the Hole," "Mystery Train," and "Shake Your Hips."

Interview #2 features Emily Musolino singing 2 great original songs, "Rebound" and "Show Me."

Episode #97 interview #1 features Erik Hawks of Young Yonder performing "California" and "Touch."

Interview #2 features Gordon Jameson and Natalie Knox discussing FRANK Gallery's move and what to expect in their new location at University Place in Chapel Hill.

Episode #96 interview #1 features filmmaker Saleem Reshamwala, aka/Kid Ethnic, telling us about his world travels in filmmaking, and discussing the creation of "North Cack," a video featuring North Carolina talent and locale.

Interview #2 features Heat Preacher, JD Rust, Nick Stroud, Rob Dimauro and Hugh Swaso as they performed "Small Town" and "Fire."

Episode #95 interview #1 features Andi Sobbe and Dede Corvinus, as part of Womancraft, one of the oldest arts co-ops in the nation. Now located in the heart of downtown Carrboro, it's a great place for art by local artists.

Interview #2 features singer/songwriters Shannon O'Connor and Samantha Castrovinci, aka Eno River Rats. They performed "Mole in the Ground," "Flicker Feather," and "Red Rocking Chair."

Episode #94 interview #1 features Dr. Terrence Brayboy discussing the African Sculpture and Craft Sale at his house in Chapel Hill in November & December. All proceeds went to Amina's Gift, Dr. Brayboy's nonprofit providing educational and medical needs for the children in Africa. More info at

Interview #2 features singer/songwriter Caitlin Washburn, singing two songs from her album Fragile Hands, "Hardest Thing of All" and "Words of Love."

Episode #93 interview #1 features Steven Silverleaf and Judith Ernst to tell us about thier art and the upcoming Orange County Open Studio Tour.

Interview #2 features singer/songwriter Leah Kaufman, singing "Ruby Shoes" and "Picasso Lips."

Episode #92 interview #1 features filmmaker Charlie Morris talking about his film "Bolin Creek Unpaved: Saving Carrboro’s Last Forest," and other projects.

Interview #2 features singer/songwriter Logan Robinson performing his own wonderful songs "Now That You're Lonely" and "Boat Docks."

Episode #91 interview #1 features Jeff Hackney and Lucie Pollard Branham talking about Jeff's evolution into large scale sculpture and the upcoming Come Out and Play Sculpture Show. There is also a short video slideshow of some of the pieces from the show.

Interview #2 features singer/songwriter Pauline Pisano singing 2 great songs "Sweet Divinity" and "Carried Away."

Episode #90 interview #1 features musician/visual artist Charles Chace to talk about The Paul Swest and other arts projects.

Interview #2 features artist Darcy Szeremi with some of her beautiful metalwork.

Episode #89 interview #1 features nature photographer Mary Parker Sonis, talking about photography and the current debate over paving the Bolin Creek Trail in Carrboro.

Interview #2 features Dave Clark from the Small Museum of Folk Art in Pittsboro, NC, telling us about the history of the museum, some of the artists, and where to find them.

Episode #88 interview #1 features Leigh Hayes as he talks about Liberty Arts' new location in Durham, a documentary film being produced on the history of Liberty Tobacco, and his experience and technique of glass blowing.

Interview #2 features New Orleans Based band Of the Goldmine, Michael, CM and Charlie, playing some great tunes.

Episode #87 Interview #1 features ArtsCenter Executive Director Dan Mayer, discussing all the happenings going on there, and the big gala at the NC Botanical Garden

Interview #2 features Nerys Levy, talking about FRANK Gallery's Gala, The Community Dinner, and Carrboro Day.

Episode #86 Interview #1 features artist Bronwyn Merritt, who talks about her experience as a gallery owner and artist, on the 10th Anniversary of the Wacqueline Stern Show.

Interview #2 features Jack Reitz, Shane Smith, and Josh Rowsey, members of Mettlesome, talking about their new production at the ArtsCenter titled "Two Months In."

Episode #85 Interview #1 features the multi-talented Sarah Froeber who talks about her new children's book, "Rainbow's Orchestra," the reprinting of her children's book "PeliCAN and PeliCANT," and her nonprofit organization, The Jelly Foundation, created to "sweeten the lives of children" around the world.

Interview #2 features Blue Cactus, Steph Stewart and Mario Arnez. They performed "I Never Knew Heartache (and Then I Knew You)" and "So Right You Got Left."

Episode #84 Interview #1 features artist Regina Bridgman discussing her stained glass art and an upcoming show titled "Art Break."

Interview #2 features filmmaker John Upchurch talking about his movie "Mango Dreams." Beautifully shot in India, "Mango Dreams" follows the story of a man making one last journey through India in a rickshaw in an attempt to trace his roots.

Episode #83 Interview #1 features Logan and Casey Valleroy, the Bucket Brothers. They played "Straight, No Chaser," by Thelonious Monk, and their own composition "Set Sail."

Interview #2 features musician Ellis Anderson performing "Bad Attitude" and "In the Valley."

Episode #82 Interview #1 features actress, filmmaker and musician Meredith Sause talking about past, current, and upcoming projects.

Interview #2 features Hajj Abdulateef Fisher discussing the beautiful birdhouses he creates.

Episode #81 Interview #1 features Bradley Bethel, who joined us to talk about his movie "Unverified: The Untold Story Behind the UNC Scandal." Bradley, who started out as an English teacher coming to UNC to tutor student athletes, felt so strongly about the accusations levied against his co-workers that he switched gears, becoming a filmmaker, documenting who is truly responsible for the academic scandal that rocked UNC.

Interview #2 features Meghan Truesdale and Duncan Morgan telling us about The Bazaar, a local arts and crafts market that happens 6 times a year at the Carrboro Town Commons, in the spring and fall. The next Market is November 13, 2016 from Noon to 5pm.

Episode #80 Interview #1 features Carrboro's new Poet Laureate Gary Phillips and poet Susan Spalt who talk about the West End Poetry Festival, coming up October 14 & 15, and recite some wonderful poems.

Interview #2 features Enid Handler, who spoke about her life's journey that brought her to North Carolina and gave her the final career as PR agent for her husband, artist Murry Handler.

Episode #79 Interview #1 features Carrboro Music Festival Director Jim Dennis. The free festival is Saturday, September 24th and Sunday September 25th, and is better than ever this year. Starting with musical performances Saturday afternoon at 2pm at Carrboro Town Commons, and continuing Saturday night at Cat's Cradle. Then on Sunday there are 30 stages all over town. All kinds of music, all over town, all for free!

Interview #2 features musicians Shannon O'Connor and Nick Shanahan. We talked about Nick's recent move to the area and his songwriting career. They played some great tunes: Hello Heartache, Welcome Home, Drunken Angel, and Into the Pines.

Episode #78 Interview #1 features author Daniel Wallace, who wrote the book Big Fish and many other great books, including a children's book he published last year called The Cat's Pajamas. He talked about his career as a writer and artist.

Interview #2 features comedian Kathleen McDonald talking about her career as a stand up comic and the local comedy scene.

Episode #77 Interview #1 features Michael Goy and David Cooper, aka Red Nucleus, talking about the evolution of the band and playing 33 1/3 RPM Waltz and Home Again.

Interview #2 features author and artist Carol Owen. Carol has had a long career as an artist and teacher, but is returning to her writer roots with the publishing of her new book.

Episode #76 Interview #1 features Moogfest! What is it? How do you pronounce it? Kamran (pronounced Komron), a partner in the production, tells us all about it. Moogfest took place May 18-22 all over downtown Durham.

Interview #2 features actress/teacher Melissa Lozoff talking about her new TV series "Baby Makes 3" on PBS.

Episode #75 Interview #1 features Members of Studio A Acting Company, led by teacher Melissa Lozoff. The actors joining us were Celia Roskin, Alice Monroe, Hugh Kirsch, and Elsa Wansink.

Interview #2 features author Perry Deane Young, who talked about his long career as a writer, his job as groundskeeper at the Womens' Center, and what he's up to these days. He also read some of his thoughts as a war correspondent during the Vietnam War, and thoughts now, over 40 years later.

Episode #74 Interview #1 features Campfires and Constellations performing "Hazelnut Eyes," "6 Days on the Road" and more!

Interview #2 features choreographer Kaity Granda talking about her work and her upcoming performance “DESCENDANTS,” an aerial and modern dance performance.

Episode #73 Interview #1 features Shannon Kelly, Leidy Siena, and Matthew Greenslade to talk about Project Nona. Matthew also performed "The Overgrown."

Interview #2 features Carter Hubbard talking about the art project "Shimmer" and her other art projects in Portland, Oregon, where she now lives.

Episode #72 Interview #1 features Renaissance man John Svara joined us along with Peter Holsapple and his son Gus, to play some great music.

Interview #2 features dance photographer Steve Clarke talking about his life and his techniques.

Episode #71 Interview #1 features Raleigh-based band Army of Dog performing "Done and Done," "My Last Chorus," and "Love Looks."

Interview #2 features singer/songwriter/artist Shannon O'Connor with some great music.

Episode #70 Interview #1 features Jock Lauterer of the UNC School of Media and Journalism discussing his life, and one of his current projects, The Durham Voice, a newspaper created by inner-city Durham kids.

Interview #2 features XOXOK (aka Keenan Jenkins) performing 2 beautiful songs, "Flaws" and "Worthy."

Episode #69 Interview #1 features Filmmakers Todd Tinkham and Eliza Farren joined us to talk about past and upcoming film projects they have in the works.

Interview #2 features Heather Delisle and Elia Bizzarri talking about their work and the 2015 Orange County Open Studio Tour, happening November 7-8 & 14-15.

Episode #68 Interview #1 features Meghan Truesdell Morgan and Duncan and Max Morgan discussing the new event at Carrboro Town Commons called "The Bazaar."

Interview #2 features artist Jim Lee talking about his career as an artist.

Episode #67 Interview #1 features Grace Siplon from One Song Productions, the theater group, and their production "Much Ado About Nothing" at the ArtsCenter. Grace is the director of this show, but also talks about her past experiences with the group and future plans.

Interview #2 features Glass Kit, Matthew Greenslade, Chessa Rich, and Jack Fleishman, performing "Faulty Love" and "Oh Patience."

Episode #66 Interview #1 features Artist Maya (aka Karen Sorensen), talking about the evoultion of her art and the current style she paints.

Interview #2 features Youth Community Project Board Member Lue Simopoulos, Youth Outreach Coordinator Abby Hylton, and Organizational Infrastructure Engineer Christine Abernathy. We talked about their organization and an event they are having in Carrboro called Circque de Carrboro at The Station on August 1, 2015.

Episode #65 Interview #1 features Steph Stewart and the Boyfriends. The Boyfriends are Omar Ruiz-Lopez and Mario Arnez. They played "Nobody's Darlin," "Little Sweetie," and "Dry Spell" off their new album "Nobody's Darlin'."

Interview #2 features Norman Weinstein and Jaki Shelton Green to talk about Norman's new book of poetry "First Love & Other Poems - Metrical Moments for the Most of Us." Jaki read two of Norm's poems, "Ghost" and "First Love." Not long after this taping, Norman passed on. We are honored to have had him on.

Episode #64 Interview #1 features Wilmington-based band Stray Local They played "If Only," "Some Kind of Folk," and "Cripple Creek."

Interview #2 features The Commanderrs, brother and sister Sally and Isaac Derr. They performed "I Don't Know Why" and "Pauline."

Episode #63 Interview #1 features Maggi Grace talking about her new book "Sixth Sense Caring - Stories of Creative Eldercare."

Interview #2 features Happy Abandon's Peter Vance and Jake Waits. They played three fantastic songs, "Severed Seams," "Window," and "The Bend."

Episode #62 Interview #1 features sticks artist Patrick Dougherty. We talked about his recent and upcoming projects, including "Homegrown," a piece he created and we all three worked on in October, 2014 at the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

Interview #2 features Bucket Brothers Casey and Logan Valleroy. Ages 11 and 14, they performed "All of Me," "Topsy," and an original tune titled "At the Beach."

Episode #61 Interview #1 features Harvey Dalton Arnold and Darrell Young performing "King Cotten," "Bill's Blues," and "There Goes Another Love Song." Harvey is a former member of the band "The Outlaws."

Interview #2 features The Will McBride Group, (Will McBride, Jeff Hatley, and Brad Miles). They performed 3 tunes off their new album, "All In" (title track), "Funkside," and "Tell Me I'm Wrong."

Episode #60 Interview #1 features the band Lemon Jordan. Formerly known as SkyCloud, they performed "Collector Man," "Stones," and "Synthony." Lemon Jordan is Quinton Grady, Alex Joiner, Justin Bucher, Nick Peterson, and Jorgé Martinez-Blat.

Interview #2 features Raleigh based band Urban Soil, consisting of Eric Chesson, Sarah Reinke, Ben Hunter, and Greg Meckley. They performed three great tunes, "Cultures Collide," "Gotta Go," and "Brother Be."

Episode #59 Interview #1 features storyteller Cindy Raxter telling a hilarious camping tale.

Interview #2 features Camille Hunter and Sally Bloom from the NC Museum of History in Raleigh. Camille and Sally talked about their current exhibition, "Starring North Carolina!" based on the 100 year history of film in North Carolina, which took them 2 and a half years to put together, and their upcoming Long Leaf Film Festival.

Episode #58 interview #1 features singer-songwriters Ellen Hart and Connor Belson performing original songs "Falling," "Our song," and "Round Again."

Interview #2 features Wendy Banning and Susan Reda from Learning Outside. Learning Outside offers hands-on outdoor learning programs that provide children time spent outdoors learning, exploring and discovering in the natural world.

Episode #57 interview #1 features Nic Beery telling us about the upcoming Carrboro Film Festival which happens November 22 & 23 at the Century Center in Carrboro and features workshops, live music, and fabulous films.

Interview #2 features artist Hollie Taylor talking about 3 exhibits she's participating in with her multimedia art.

Episode #56 interview #1 features Holy Ghost Tent Revival joining us and playing "Got Anew" and "Right State of Mind." Their new CD release party was happening that night at Cat's Cradle.

Interview #2 features poets Ross White, Tyree Daye, and Christopher Tonelli, all reading a poem and talking about the upcoming West End Poetry Festival happening October 17 & 18 in Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

Episode #55 interview #1 features Barbara Rich talking about her journey from Manhattan to NC, her career in film production, and her current gig as manager at the Barn at Valhalla in Orange County NC.

Interview #2 features Ann Alexander and Peter White discussing the North Carolina Botanical Garden's Sculpture in the Garden show. This year they have Patrick Dougherty as artist-in-residence, creating a work on site, in addition to all the great sculpture! The Sculpture in the Garden website is

Episode #54 Interview #1 features textile artist Alice Levinson sharing her creative process through the use of fiber.

Interview #2 features artists Linda Carmel, Marcy Lansman, and Lynn Wartski from the Hillsborough Gallery of Art discussing their upcoming show "Attention to Detail," the gallery, and their first juried show, happening in January 2015. They each show samples of their work and explain what brought them to where they are in terms of their art.

Episode #53 interview #1 features Corey Bax, Daniel Perry, Stephen Mooneyhan, and Ernest Thompson from Campfires and Constellations. They performed "Movin'," "Monhegan Blues," and "Hazelnut Eyes," from their new record, Carolina Homegrown.

Interview #2 features longtime friend Tim Smith, Doug Largent, and Robert Cantrell from Tim Smith Band. They played "My, My" and, off their new record Let's Get Busy, "Raise the Vibration."

Episode #52 interview #1 features Carolyn Griggs, Leslie Gregory, and Scott Moreland, who talk about the screening of the feature length documentary "Rising from Ashes." Carolyn owns Looking Glass Cafe and talks about that space, where she has converted a room for film screenings.

Interview #2 features Brenda Baldwin Scott and Dale Morgan from Womancraft. They talk about "The Hive and the Honeybee," watercolor paintings and illustrations of NC’s state insect, the Honeybee. Dale also shows us an observation hive, and new work from Womancraft members.

Episode #51 interview #1 features Steven Ray Miller talking about his evolution into the arts, his cow from the Cow Parade and his future journey as an artist. Interview #2 features Hannah Lomas, Jamie Rowen, and Nick Simon, the band Stray Local from Wilmington who joined us and played "Pretty Little Setback," "Let You Go," and "In the Pines."

Episode #50 interview #1 features Michael Brown, best known for his work as a mural artist, talks about the evolution of his career.

Interview #2 features Jeff Kass telling us about the 3rd Annual Festival of Legends, which happens the last weekend in April, the 26th & 27th in 2014. For more info go to

Episode #49 interview #1 features Matt Phillips, Joe Macphail and Daniel Fields from Matt Phillips and the Philharmonic, talking about how they got together. They then performed "Jacqueline" and "Transference."

Interview #2 features Poet Jaki Shelton Green, reciting some of her wonderful poetry!

Episode #48 features Holly Gunning and Marya McNeish discussing the upcoming art exhibition and sale "Through Women's Eyes," The Compass Center's annual fundraiser, in its 30th year. The Compass Center was formerly The Women's Center, which combined with the Family Violence Prevention Center to help the women of our community.

Interview #2 features Sue Kopkind and Dottie Fiddleman from WomanCraft talk about their history and the move to their new store in Carrboro.

Episode #47 of the Wacqueline Stern Show features Mustard Biscuit performing "If I Needed You" and "Woman." Mustard Biscuit is Lulu Royster, Anthony Boykin, Daryl Radford, Colby Jack, Greg Smith and Tim Buffington.

Interview #2 features Julian Sereno, owner/publisher of Chatham County Line has worked in the newspaper business for years and talks about the evolution of the industry.

Episode #46 of the Wacqueline Stern Show interview #1 features Joy Javits, discussing her lifetime career in the arts.

Interview #2 features comic Michelle Maclay from The Chuckle and Chortle Comedy Show, and her husband, musician Brandon Herndon from the band Twilighter. Brandon performed "Hold Me Close."

Episode #45 of the Wacqueline Stern Show interview #1 features Steph Stewart and Mario Arnez performing two original tunes, "In Between" and "Nobody's Darlin."

Interview #2 features Trudy Thomson, Lisa Goldstein, and Ruth Ananda, from the Orange County Artists Guild, discussing the guild and the Orange County Open Studio Tour.

Episode #44 of The Wacqueline Stern Show first interview features Nick MacDaniels and Jesse Hensley from the band Big Something. They performed 2 songs, "Big City Song" and "Captain D."

Interview 2 is Hugh Swaso, Lance Ashley, and Chris Davis, from Skinny Bag of Sugar. They performed "Take Me With You," the song Hugh wrote for his wife Christy for their wedding dance, and "Magnolia."

Episode #43 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features an interview with Pinkerton Raid, a family that plays music together, consisting of Jesse James, Katie, and Steven DeConto. They performed "Deeper Than Skin" and "Hollywood."

Interview 2 features Steve Wright from the Chapel Hill Public and Cultural Arts Office, discussing current and upcoming projects offered and services provided through their office.

Episode #42 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features an interview with Hunter Levinsohn, discussing her exhibit on the 10th year anniversary: "July 4th 2003, Which Way Is Up?" & Other Political Worries of Hunter C. Levinsohn's," and other art projects.

Interview 2 features Laura Silvestri and Tom Johnson, talking about their music careers, including the founding of the North Carolina Songwriters Co-op which they established in 1998. They performed two beautiful songs, "How Did You Find Me?" and "Between the Lines."

Episode #41 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features interviews with The North Caolina Youth Tap Ensemble founder Gene Medlin and his dancers Breanna Polascik and Julianne Vance, including a performance.

Interview two features filmmaker Rob Underhill talking about his award-winning films, current and upcoming projects.

Episode #40 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features interviews with Art Menius, Executive Director of the ArtsCenter, and Dan Krebil, discussing the ArtsCenter and it's annual Uncommon Garden Gala.

Interview two features Dale Morgan and Karen Graves, to talk about Womancraft Gallery. Dale is an illustrator whose work can be seen at Karen is a clay sculptor and one of the owners of Chapel Hill Toffee.

Episode #39 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features interview #1 with Laurie Paolicelli, Executive Director of the Orange County Visitor's Bureau.

Interview #2 features artist Harry Lane Wurster, discussing his evolution into art and the upcoming Artist Studios At Fearrington Village Annual Spring Show and Sale.

Episode #38 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features Jeffrey Kass, who tells us about the 2nd Annual Festival of Legends.

Interview two features legendary, Grammy nominated record producer John Custer, and Neal Chapman, performing "I Want To Be Like You" and "Crackling Rosie."

Episode #37 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features Carter Hubbard, art teacher Melissa Vrooman and East Chapel Hill High students Anne Mee, Angie Blatchley and Christian Haig, discussing Carter's artist-in-residency project working with the kids.

Interview two features artist Joe Bigley, discussing his exhibit, "Structured As Such: Architecture of Oppression," at Liberty Arts in Durham and events associated with it, including live performances and a Spike Lee Film Festival.

Episode #36 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features an interview with Artist Nerys Levy discussing her shows, "Polar Worlds - Images of the Arctic and Antarctica" through May 30, at the National Humanities Center in Research Triangle Park, and at FRANK Gallery, "A Journey in Russia," reflecting her latest trip, to Russia.

In interview #2, Pam Wall, Executive Director of Kidzu Children's Museum, talks about the Museum's current location and what they do there, and plans for an entirely new space to be completed in 2016.

Episode #35 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features an interview with Judy Hogan, talking about her life as a writer, teacher, and founder of Carolina Wren Press.

Interview 2 features Jeffery Beam, talking about his life as a poet and reading several of his beautiful poems.

Episode #34 of The Wacqueline Stern Show features interviews with Nancy Largent of the Chapel Hill Recorder, a blogzine based on Chapel Hill and Carrboro, and her husband, musican Doug Largent from the Doug Largent Trio.

Interview #2 features Katharine Whalen, Chance Murray, and Brad Porter, telling us what they've been up to and playing some new tunes.

Episode #33 features Jamie Hagenberger, Peter Filene, and Ellen Hill, discussing the Orange County Open Studio Tour, happening the first two weekends in November, and the Orange County Artists Guild.

In interview #2 filmmaker Nic Beery talks about his documentary film "Sayonara to Hello," and the upcoming 7th Annual Carrboro Film Festival, happening Sunday, November 18, 2012 at the Century Center in Carrboro.

Episode #32 is a musical extravaganza! Our first interview features La Bęte Magique, performing "Bittersweet" and "Dreamer." Bella, 11, is the singer in the band and Tehila, 14, is the guitarist.

In interview 2, Mustard Biscuit performs "My Darlin'," "Day of the Dead," and "Boogie Thing." Mustard Biscuit is Lulu Royster, Anthony Boykin, Daryl Radford, Colby Jack, Greg Smith and Tim Buffington. We won't tell their ages!

Episode #31 features Gerry Williams, coordinator of the Carrboro Music Festival, telling us about the Carrboro Music Festival, which happens September 30, featuring 180 bands on 25 stages, all over Carrboro, all for free.

In interview #2 Laura Ritchie from Carrack Modern Art, and Meg McGurk, from the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership talk about the 2ndFriday Artwalk and more.

Episode #30 features Chela Tu talking about her role as the Luchadora, "Juicy Buns," and also tells us about the Rodeo Swap - a Food Truck Rodeo and Clothing Swap in conjunction with the 2nd Friday Artwalk, with the proceeds benefitting The Peoples Channel. Chela is an owner of Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck, which comes to Cliff's in Carrboro every Sunday.

In interview #2 musician Will McBride tells us a little about himself and performs "Heartburns" and "Mental Health Day."

Episode #29 features Skinny Bag of Sugar (Lance Ashley, Chris Davis, Rob Dimaro, Hugh Swaso) performing "Glitterati" and "Kiss Me."

In interview #2 One Song Productions' Nell Ovitt and Kim Rubish tell us about their latest production, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

Episode #28 features legendary, Grammy nominated, record producer John Custer, talking about his life in the music business,

In interview #2 we talk to UNC professor and founder of Ibiblio, Paul Jones, who has been involved in the creation of innovative projects such as the internet and streaming radio.

Episode #27 features Erin Griffin, creator of the new Carrboro Craft Market, and a slideshow of photos from the first Market with music by Katharine Whalen (who was also on hand at the first market as a vendor) and William Dawson, "I Know You Well."

In interview two, Andy Bilinski and Bibis Ellison perform two tunes, "Safe and Soundless," by Bibis, and Andy premiered a song he hasn't even named yet (I suggested ode to Jackie).

Episode #26 Interview 1 features Festival of Legends creator Jeff Kass, talking about this new festival, happening April 21 & 22 at Storybook Farm.

Interview 2 features Betsy James, chair of the board at the ArtsCenter, and marketing/pr person Susan Reda, talking about the Uncommon Garden Tour, which happens April 28th, the ArtsCenter, and the jewel known as Carrboro.

Episode #25 features an interview with J and Beth Kutchma from the band Red Collar. Beth is also a filmmaker whose documentary film "Without A Fight," is now making the film festival circuit. J sings "The Old Piano Roll" and "Used To Believe."

The second interview features chef/author Dorette Snover, talking about her award winning novel "City Of Ladies" and her cooking school c'est si bon, in Chapel Hill. Dorette was awarded the Anderbo/Mercer Street Books Fiction Prize.

Episode #24 features an interview with filmmaker Rachel Hazelett, discussing her current documentary project, "Behind the Seen."

Interview two features actress/teacher/producer Melissa Lozoff and members of her Master Acting Class; Henry Stokes, Garrett Stein-Serrousi, and Raven Whisnant.

Episode #23 features an interview with author/playwright Sarah Froeber discussing her Ebook "The Gift of Many Lives-Encountering My Other Selves."

Interview 2 features UNC's Pauper Players, Ben Boecker, Emily Ellis, Alex Daly and Doug Pass, who tell us about Guys and Dolls at the ArtsCenter & even sing us a song!

Episode #22 features an interview with photographer/filmmaker/artist Todd Gaul, who shot and edited "Drowned Out," the film that won the best overall music video at the HearNC Film Festival, and interviews with Richard Jaimeyfield who started the HearNC Film Festival last year, and singer/songwriter Bibis Ellison, who performs "Foxes."

Episode #21 features actress and artist Susan Palm Siplon discussing the upcoming Carrboro Film Festival and all the stuff she's been doing the past few years.

Interview #2 features artist Phil Blank, who created the logo for the 2011 Carrboro Film Festival, does cartoons for the Carrboro Citizen, and plays accordian in the band Gmish.

Episode #20 features artists Mark Todd, Betsy Vaden and Linda Carmel with the upcoming Orange County Open Studio Tour.

Interview #2 features foodie Sheri Castle with her new cookbook - The New Southern Garden Cookbook: Recipes for Enjoying the Best from Homegrown Gardens, Farmers' Markets, Roadside Stands and CSA Farm Boxes.

Episode #19 features an interview with Gerry Williams, head of the Carrboro Music Festival, telling us what we can look forward to at this year's festival, including new acts and more.

Interview #2 features Framer's Corner owner David Summer, discussing his new space on West Main St. in Carrboro.

Episode #18 features an interview with Jay Miller, interim director of the ArtsCenter, and his wife, artist Ebeth Scott-Sinclair, who run Shared Visions Foundation, our radio show underwriters. They performed "It's Been So Long."

Interview two features acrylic painter C.J. Calvin. C.J. had an exhibit of his fantastic paintings at the Century Center.

Episode #17 features an interview with Linda Booker, discussing her movie "Bringing It Home," a documentary on America's First Hemp House, in Asheville, NC. Linda tells us about the many practical and safe uses of hemp, and the current, ridiculous law that prohibits farmers in the US from growing hemp.

Interview two features performances by Shannon O'Connor and Julian Sikes, from the bands Baby Cowboy and Deep Chatham. Shannon performs "Threesome" and "Sober," and Julian performs "Carolina Rain" and "Don't Let Me Down."

Episode #16 features an interview with arts dynamo Alexis Mastromichalis, owner of Nightlight Club in Chapel Hill, and an interview with renaissance man Chip Hoppin, creator of Fanaticmasks, member of a band called the Testostertones and co-owner of The Merch, a silk-screening company in Carrboro.

Episode #15 starts with an interview with patron of the arts Dan, owner of The Uncommon Garden. Every year the ArtsCenter in Carrboro has a fundraiser called "The Uncommon Garden Tour," this year happening on April 30th. We walked though the Garden 10 days before the tour, capturing photos and video featured here.

Episode #14 features interviews with Barbara Rich, Executive Director of FRANK Gallery in downtown Chapel Hill, and Marianita Stevens, one of their member artists, their Featured Artist of the Month, and also one of the curators of the show, “Seeing the Figure," a walk through of FRANK accompanied by the music of Omar Ruiz-Lopez and Catherine Steele, and Snuzz and Sam Frazier playing "Crime Fightin' Buddy" and "Call Me Baby," off their new CD "Carving Pumpkins."

Episode #13 features a slideshow of the "Local Histories" exhibit at 523 E. Franklin St. in Chapel Hill, interviews with artist elin O'hara slavick, discussing the show, and comedian Tom Keller yucking it up and talking about the NC Comedy Arts Festival.

Episode #12 features interviews with Melissa Cain, Executive Director of the Chapel Hill Public Library Foundation, and Susan Reda, a board member and member of the Committee for the Chapel Hill Experiences Project.

Our second interview is with Reid Johnson, Maria Albani, and Chris Badger, ¾ths of the band Schooner. They perform "I Have Fallen In A Trap," "Fortuition," and "Feel Better," and tell us about, a website designed to raise money for cancer research, dedicated to local musician Cy Rawls.

Episode #11 features interviews with Pam Pease, author of pop up books, a design series for young students, and owner of

Interview #2 features Katharine Whalen, William Dawson, and River Takada-Capel, discussing the 2010 Festifall Arts Fair in Chapel Hill. Katharine & William perform "Mother's Day" and "Virgin."

In Episode #10, Wac turns the table on Frank Stasio, host of The State of Things on UNC radio, learning about his road to get to where he is.

Interview #2 features Seattle-based musicians Ian McFearon and Alisa Milner, playing at Cat's Cradle, who perform the title cut off their new CD, "Love Me Blue" and "Anna Through The Veil."

Episode #9 features interviews with filmmaker, Carrboro Film Festival founder and co-chair in 2010, Nic Beery, Carrboro Film Festival volunteer Alyson Brown.

Inerview #2 features artist Ron Liberti, who created the poster/logo for the 5th Annual Carrboro Film Festival.

Episode #8 features an interview with author Nic Brown ("Doubles" & "Floodmarkers").

Interview #2 features Jeri Lynn Schulke, Director of the Youth Performing Arts Conservatory at The ArtsCenter and Jeff Meanza, Education and Outreach Director for the PlayMakers Repertory Company, discussing the Summer Youth Conservatory.

Episode #7 features interviews and a performances by Shelley Higgins and Dave Smith from Club Boheme.

Interview #2 features violinist Omar Ruiz-Lopez and bassist Catherine Steel.

Episode #6 features an interview and poetry with/by Carrboro Poet Laureate Jay Bryan.

Interview #2 features actress, acting teacher, and producer Melissa Lozoff.

Episode #5 features an interview with artist & writer Maggi Grace.

Interview #2 features a performance of "Sparrow" by musician Andy Bilinski, and a performance of "Feel Better" by Schooner.

Episode #4 features a New Years Day interview with Magician Mike Casey, with the song "Paper Napkins" by The Future Kings of Nowhere, musician Andy Bilinski performing "Sparrow."

Interview #2 is with Paula Pazderka from Dirty South Improv Theater (DSI) and a snowy Carrboro scene.

Episode #3 features interviews with classical pianist Greg McCallum, and Dr. Lulu Royster & Anthony Boykin performing "Midnight Ride" and "I Feel Better With Music." The curriculum "I Feel Better With Music," is designed to help children with cancer cope with the disease, and a sneak peek at our next show, on a snowy winter night in Carrboro.

Episode #2 features interviews with filmmaker Ajit Prem, actor Mike Harris and filmmaker Todd Tinkham, with students Chris and Hannah Brown.

Episode #1
This premier episode features an interview and performances of "You're No Match for Me," "Aurora" and "What Fresh Hell Is This?" by musician Gilbert Neal, a performance of "Radio On" by Jason Kutchma of Red Collar,

a performance of "I Know You Well" by Katharine Whalen & William Dawson of Lucky, and a performance of "Midnight Ride" by Dr. Lulu Royster and Anthony Boykin.


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