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Regarding Resilience

Barbara Tyroler, Samia Serageldin, and Polina Varlamova regarding the current art exhibit at Carrboro Town Hall, Regarding Resilience.


Artist Mia Lucero. Her Facebook page is here.

Mia Lucero is an extraordinary artist who creates portraits, both animal and human, in oils, as well as wood carvings, sculptures, and more. Her work can be found at the Pittsboro Gallery of Art. Find her online at MiaLucero.com.


DL Lucero of Reckless Love Farm. Their Facebook page is here.

DL Lucero has had a number of careers, from the Air Force, to restaurants, to tech, to farming. Today he tells us about his family's current status and what they raise at Reckless Love Farm. Find them online at RecklessLoveFarm.com.


Catherine Fray, candidate for Carrboro Town Council. Her Facebook page is here.

Catherine Fray has served on the Carrboro Planning Board for over a decade and is now running for Town Council.


Carrie Brogren, founder of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Foodies Group. Her Facebook page is here.

Carrie Brogren founded the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Foodies Group in 2019 and has been going great guns ever since. Hear a little about her background and more about her group.


Jay Miller, ED of Shared Visions Foundation and owner of the Old Murphey School.

Jay Miller is the Executive Director of Shared Visions Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to close the gap between needs and resources, particularly in the area of Mental Health, by working with nonprofit organizations through service and monetary grants. Jay is also the owner of the Old Murphey School in Durham. Find them online at SharedVisions.org.


Christina and Catherine, owners of Lanza's Cafe. Their Facebook page is here.

I had a great time today sitting down with Christina and Catherine, owners of Lanza's Cafe at 601 West Main St. and learning a little about them and everything they offer at their place. You should check them out!


Natalie Knox, director of FRANK Gallery. Their Facebook page is here.

FRANK Gallery is moving to Carrboro at the 300 East Main property. Natalie tells us what we can expect in their new space.


Jeri Lynn Shulke. The Downtown Chapel Hill Partnership Facebook page is here.

Today Jeri Lynn Shulke told me a little about her past and even more about her exciting new position as Director of Arts & Culture for the Downtown Chapel Hill Partnership.


Filmmaker Stuart Howes.

Today I met with Stuart Howes, who is the filmmaker whose film "Tableau," filmed in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, which was the 2022 opening night film for the Carrboro Film Festival, screening at the ArtsCenter. Learn more here: https://www.tableaumovie.com.


Ashton Tippins from TABLE. Their Facebook page is here.

Ashton Tippins, Executive Director of TABLE, a non-profit organization that feeds 800 children EVERY WEEK, tells us about the organization and big news!


Metal sculptor Mike Riog.

Today I met with sculptor Mike Riog in his studio and chatted about what he does and the upcoming Orange County Open Studio Tour. Find him online at MikeRoig.com.


Susan Spalt on the West End Poetry Festival. The WEPF Facebook page is here.

Susan Spalt shares the details of the 2022 West End Poetry Festival, happening October 14th & 15th.


Justin Ellis. The CMF Facebook page is here.

Today I sat down with Justin Ellis, 2022 coordinator of the Carrboro Music Festival, to learn what's new this year.


Breakaway Cafe in Carrboro. Their Facebook page is here.

Today I sat down with Amy and Andy Coughlin to talk about their restaurants. They just opened a location in Carrboro at 410 North Greensboro St, in Shelton Station.


Maggie Funkhouser from the Carrboro Farmers' Market. Their Facebook page is here.

Maggie Funkhouser is the manager of the Carrboro Farmers' Market, with lots of news as the Market gets back into full swing with lots of events starting back up after a long hiatus.


Heather Washburn of the Calico Studio Art Market. The Facebook page is here.

Heather Washburn tells us a little about herself and all about the Calico Studio Art Market happening this weekend.


Dale Edwards, editor-in-chief at News of Orange. Their Facebook page is here.

Dale Edwards is so much more than the editor-in-chief at News of Orange, located in Hillsborough, NC. He does everything from writing the stories to laying out the paper to the social media aspect.


Pat Cudahy and Chip Hoppin from The Merch. Their Facebook page is here.

Pat Cudahy and Chip Hoppin started The Merch at 101 Lloyd St. in Carrboro 21 years ago and are still going strong. Find them online at TheMerch.net.


Gerry Willimams. His Facebook page is here.

Gerry Williams is one of the founders of the Carrboro Music Festival who has a CD & Record Show twice a year at the Century Center in Carrboro.


Des Moines, Iowa "Seven Stories High" Immersive Video Exhibit

On a recent trip to Des Moines, Iowa, we stopped by the Arts Center and stepped into this immersive video exhibit.


Katharine Whalen's Jazz Squad

Katharine Whalen's Jazz Squad Spring Sunday Residency at the Speakeasy in Carrboro continues on 4/3 from 5-7pm.


Poet Jeffery Beam. His Facebook page is here.

Today I visited my long-time friend, poet Jeffery Beam, to talk about his life as a poet, his new book "Verdant," and to hear a few poems from it.


Boro Beverage. Her Facebook page is here.

Carly Erickson tells us about herself and her business, Boro Beverage, located at 400 West Rosemary St. in Chapel Hill, producing non alcoholic, fermented beverages that are seasonally sourced and agriculturally inspired, including probiotic libations such as Kombucha, "wild" sodas, Switchel and shrubs.


ArtsCenter News. Their Facebook page is here.

Co-interim Executive Directors Wendy Smith and Mark Bettger sat down with me to talk about the latest news for the ArtsCenter, including their new titles and a new location.


Bouquet Garni Foods. Their Facebook page is here.

Chef Eric Ndiaye, who was born in Senegal, spent many years in France, and traveled the world learning various cuisines, has opened a restaurant and catering company in Blue Dogwood, located at 306 W. Franklin St. in Chapel Hill. Bouquet Garni Foods offers a truly unique culinary experience. We had Curried Chicken Salad, Chicken Yassa, Senegalese Maffe, chicken and veggie pastels (which are like little empanadas), and to drink, Bouye and Ginger juices, bringing home a carrot, ginger and turmeric juice. Everything we tasted was a flavorful delight, with the perfect amount of spice. He also offers southern items like BBQ chicken and collard greens. Chef Eric has recently started offering a Sunday brunch. Check him out at Blue Dogwood.


Andi Sobbe and Janie Galloway at WomanCraft. Their Facebook page is here.

Andi Sobbe and Janie Galloway are two of the artists at WomanCraft, one of the oldest art co-ops in America, soon to celebrate their 50th. anniversary. Andi and Janie talk about their crafts and tell us about the store and all they offer.


Alex Brandwein of Brandwein's Bagels. Their Facebook page is here.

Native New Yorker Alex Brandwein started Brandwein's Bagels as a graduate student at UNC, and quickly saw it grow into a success, recently moving into their new space on Rosemary St. in Chapel Hill after only a year and a half, in the middle of a pandemic! These bagels are the real thing, absolutely delicious!


Dan Friedman of Chocolate Innovations. Their Facebook page is here.

Dan Friedman owns Chocolate Innovations, a chocolate company that employs people with disabilities, making unique products including chocolate creations and natural beverages.


Filmmaker Meg Daniels. Her Facebook page is here.

Meg Daniels tells us about her wonderful film, "Proper Pronouns," a documentary that follows the lives of 4 transgender ministers in NC. Her film will screen at the Carrboro Film Festival at the ArtsCenter on Sunday, Nov. 21 at 2:15pm. Her current project, "Taking Orders," is about how skewed the PPP program has been for small local businesses.


Susan Bolash and Norm Underwood at The Speakeasy in Carrboro. Their Facebook page is here.

Guess what! The Speakeasy is about to re-open! We met with Susan Bolash and Norm Underwood tell us about the reopening of The Speakeasy in Carrboro.


Emily Oglesby on Sculpture in the Garden. Their Facebook page is here.

Emily Oglesby, Communications & Exhibits Coordinator at the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, tells us all about the Sculpture in the Garden Show, currently happening at the Garden.


Jay Bryan of the Carrboro Poets Council and the West End Poetry Festival. The Facebook page is here.

It's always a pleasure chatting with Jay Bryan, a lawyer, former judge and Carrboro Poet Laureate, and current member of the Carrboro Poets Council. Today we talked about the upcoming West End Poetry Festival, happening October 15th. and 16th. in Carrboro.


Come Out and Play 9-25-2021. The Facebook page is here.

9-25-21 was the Come Out and Play closing reception.


Come Out and Play 9-18-2021. The Facebook page is here.

9-18-21 Come Out and Play reception.


Come Out and Play 9-11-2021. The Facebook page is here.

9-11-21 is the 20th anniversary of Come Out and Play, an art event created to remember the victims of 9-11.


Come Out and Play 9-4-2021. The Facebook page is here.

A gorgeous day to Come Out and Play! It was an incredibly beautiful day filled with wonderful people, beautiful art, great music and food, happy pigs making conversation and great vibes.


Filmmaker Marc Levy, creator of "We Are Here."

Today I met with filmmaker Marc Levy, creator of "We Are Here," a documentary on Paperhand Puppet Intervention, the beloved puppeteers who produce magical performances every year at this time at Forest Theater on the UNC campus. Marc truly captures their magic, and his film will be screening at the Varsity Theater in Chapel Hill on September 9th. This is one you shouldn't miss!


The Parlour at Manns Chapel. Their Facebook page is here.

Today I visited The Parlour at Manns Chapel and witnessed the transformation of an old church into an event venue. Yvette Navarro and Aimee Flynn have done a fabulous job creating a space that's perfect for intimate gatherings in Chatham County.


The Opening Reception for Come Out and Play 2021. The Facebook page is here.

Come Out and Play Sculpture Show opened Saturday, August 28, 2021. Thanks to all of the great artists participating, the North Carolina Songwriters Co-op for providing music, all of the folks who braved the heat to come out and join us, and to Lulu & Ant Boykin, La Bete Magique, and Andy Bilinski & Bibis Ellison for their songs used in the video.


Randee Haven O'Donnell. Her Facebook page is here.

Today I had a chat with Carrboro Town Council member Randee Haven O'Donnell, who has spent most of her life fighting for social justice.


Debbie Meyer, creator of "Come Out and Play" Sculpture Show. The Facebook page is here.

For the 20th year Debbie Meyer invites us to Come Out and Play at the wonderful sculpture show she hosts at JimGin Farm in Chatham County.


"Certain Seas," Katharine Ivins, Danny Grewen, and Austin Riopel. Their Facebook page is here.

Great time at the Century Center in Carrboro for the opening of Katharine Ivins poster show, featuring a concert by "Certain Seas," Katharine, Danny Grewen, and Austin Riopel. Wonderful!


Barbara Foushee, Carrboro Town Council. Her Facebook page is here.

Barbara Foushee sat down with me to talk about her past and future as a member of the Carrboro Town Council.


The fall of the Townsend Bertram tree at Carr Mill.

Carrboro lost a landmark with the removal of the tree in front of the former Townsend Bertram store at Carr Mill. Every year Scott would climb into it and decorate it with lights for the holiday season. It will be missed.


Jaki Shelton Green, North Carolina Poet Laureate. Her Facebook page is here.

It was great getting together with my friend Jaki Shelton Green, who is the North Carolina Poet Laureate for a second term, and shares with us a little of her past, present and future endeavors.


Mandey Brown and Cindy Moran. Their Facebook page is here.

Mandey Brown and Cindy Moran from Imbibe and Zog's in Chapel Hill sat down for a chat about their move from New Orleans, their history with Cajun food, and their current operating hours for the restaurant and bar.


Jakop Nazaretyan is a hemp farmer in Efland, NC. His farm Facebook page is here.

Jakop Nazaretyan and his wife moved from NY to Orange County, NC in 2018 and has started the hemp farm Green Velvet Grove on their property in Efland. In the process he has learned farming, chemistry, and how to live in the much friendlier South. Find his products online at https://www.greenvelvetgrove.com and in Hillsborough at the Eno River Farmers' Market.


Nora El-Khouri Spencer. Their Facebook page is here.

Founder and CEO Nora El-Khouri Spencer of Hope Renovations in Carrboro tells us about her wonderful organization. Their mission is two-fold, empowering women to pursue living-wage jobs in the construction trades using their hands-on training program, and helping seniors stay in their homes as they age. How great is that?!


Damon Seils. His Facebook page is here.

Damon Seils has been a Carrboro Town Council Member since 2013, is now running for Mayor, and in my opinion the best person for the job!


Too Much Fun. Their Facebook page is here.

Great seeing Too Much Fun at The Studio. All songs were written by Lance White. The Studio is a venue created by James Morgan and Monica Ferrell in Chapel Hill, NC, started during the pandemic, implementing masking and social distancing, enabling people to listen to live music in a tranquil, wooded setting. Live music! Yes!


Art in Bloom 2021, presented by the North Carolina Museum of Art. Their Facebook page is here.

"Art in Bloom" is presented by the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh. Floral designers are given a work of art to create a floral arrangement of, based on that work. Quite creative!


Richard Holcomb from Coon Rock Farm and Bella Bean Organics. Their Facebook page is here.

Today we met with Richard Holcomb from Coon Rock Farm and Bella Bean Organics, over near Hillsborough, NC, who told us about both enterprises, where to sign up for their CSA and order from Bella Bean. They offer natural, organic products from nearly 50 local area artisans.


Saturday Slowdown at RambleRill Farm. Their Facebook page is here.

It's a beautiful morning so we decided to head out to RambleRill Farm on Arthur Minnis Rd. in rural Orange County for "Slowdown Saturday." This was a great little event, and we'll be coming back to have a chat with the owners soon!


John May. The CMF Facebook page is here.

John May, owner of Dwarf Star Studios, has been selected as the 2021 Carrboro Music Festival Director. Today we met at the Weave to talk about the festival, when it's going to be, what's changed, and what to look forward to.


Chocolatay Confections. Their Facebook page is here.

Chocolate! What more could you want? Today Matthew and Danielle White tell us all about what their company, Chocolatay Confections, has to offer, where you can find them, and their newest treats!


Rich Giorgi. The Facebook page is here.

Rich Giorgi is a founding member of the ReCYCLERY, a nonprofit located at 106 North Graham St., in Chapel Hill, down at the end of the alley behind Rumors. For 21 years the ReCYLERY has been repairing and distributing bikes to the Carrboro/Chapel Hill community. Rich tells us about their past and present.


Fernrock Farm is all about flowers! Their Facebook page is here.

Fernrock Farm is a flower cutting farm owned by Carrie McCann and Bill Brown, located at 4500 Orange Grove Rd. in Hillsborough, NC. It's a great place to commune with nature and take home a beautiful bouquet of flowers!


Eryk Pruitt. His Facebook page is here.

Eryk Pruitt is a storyteller, writer, filmmaker, actor, and owner of the bar Yonder located at 114 West King St. in Hillsborough, NC. He's gotten all sorts of accolades for his podcast "The Long Last Dance," which helped shed light on a decades old murder in Durham, NC.


Elise Tyler. Their Facebook page is here.

Elise Tyler is part of a group of investors who restored the historic property the Colonial Inn in Hillsborough. Elise tells us about the process and what they have to offer.


Vimala Rajendran. Her restaurant Facebook page is here.

Vimala Rajendran is a beloved restaurateur and individual known for her good works with less advantaged individuals. She talks about her struggles to get to where she is and Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe's current status.


Chapel Hill Farmers' Market. Their Facebook page is here.

The Chapel Hill Farmers' Market was started in 2008 and is located at 201 S Estes Dr, Chapel Hill, NC. The Market is open every Tuesday and Saturday, year round. See what was there on this day.


Barbara Jessie Black. Their Facebook page is here.

Executive Director of Community Worx Barbara Jessie Black tells us about what's happening with the organization, their current hours and location, and new opportunities to support the organization.


Daniel Wallace. His Facebook page is here.

Daniel Wallace is probably best known for his book that became a movie, "Big Fish." He's written several other books, is the head of the Creative Writing Department at UNC and an all-around great, witty guy.


Jacquie Gist. Her Facebook page is here.

Jacquie Gist has been on the Carrboro Town Council for many years and has helped shape Carrboro into what it is today. Her day job is career counselor at UNC, with a special interest in the arts.


Howard McAdams. Their Facebook page is here.

McAdams Farms is probably most widely known for their pick your own strawberry fields, but they have much more to offer, and are at Carrboro Farmers' Market every Saturday, in addition to being at their farm at 1100 Efland Cedar Grove Rd in Efland, NC.


Chris Jordan. His Facebook page is here.

Chris Jordan owns Tin Cup Joe, a coffee wagon located at 104 North Graham St. in what's known as the Midway in Chapel Hill. He tells us what he has to offer and talks about the fun time he had getting set up in his current location.


Paul Jones. See the complete video here. His Facebook page is here.

UNC Professor Emeritus Paul Jones talks about his career as a professor at UNC, including ground breaking technologies he helped develop over the decades as a creator of radio streaming and the creator of Ibiblio at UNC.


Soteria Shepperson and Sophie Suberman. Their Facebook page is here.

Soteria Shepperson and Sophie Suberman are the owners of Present Day on Main, a coffee shop and more, located at 901 West Main Street in Carrboro, NC. Learn about their efforts to create a true community space where everyone is welcome, their hours, and all they have to offer.


Mike Benson. His Facebook page is here.

Mike Benson talks about his past, present, and future adventures, including his art show at Crooks Corner. In addition to being a local restaurateur, he's also a fabulous photographer and graphic designer.


Dan Mayer. Their Facebook page is here.

ArtsCenter Executive Director Dan Mayer tells about exciting things to come at the ArtsCenter, with a new location in the works, future community involvement, and their current status and what they're offering.


Dr. Lulu and her husband Ant Boykin. Lulu's Facebook page is here.

My friends Dr. Lulu and her husband Ant Boykin talk about Lulu's 3 TV shows, "Worst Cooks in America," "Worst Cooks in America Dirty Dishes," and "Worst Cooks in America All Stars." Lulu is an actress who performs as the character "Mother Goose," available for children's activities, has her Masters in Early Childhood Development, and is working on "I Feel Better with Music," a program designed to help children cope with cancer.


Kevin Callahan. Their Facebook page is here.

Owner/chef of Acme Restaurant, Kevin Callahan talks about his restaurant, what their current status is, and how he got to where he is.


Nerys Levy. Her Facebook page is here.

Artist/community activist Nerys Levy has been a driving force in Carrboro for decades. Her efforts to get a library in downtown Carrboro are about to finally pay off. We also talk about the Community Dinner and her work with Karen students at FRANK Gallery.


Maggi Grace. Her Facebook page is here.

Maggi Grace is an artist and writer who recently moved back to Carrboro, NC. She talks about her career as an artist and writer, and the completion of her much longed for studio.


Eduardo Lapetina. His Facebook page is here.

Artist Eduardo Lapetina talks about his life and his upcoming show at Hillsborough Gallery of Arts at 121 North Churton in Hillsborough, NC.


Jane Filer. Her Facebook page is here.

A wonderful interview with my friend, artist Jane Filer. Jane is a world renowned artist living in rural Orange County, NC. After many years teaching art at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, Jane now works from her home producing masterpieces that everyone wants! She also now has a book featuring her artwork over the decades.


Ali Cat Toy Store. Their Facebook page is here.

Ali Cat Toy Store in Carr Mill Mall is an amazing place! Anything great a kid would want can be found here! It features everything from books, to games, to puzzles, to the latest trends for adults and children.


Laurie Paolicelli.
Facebook page is here.

Great catching up with Laurie Paolicelli, Director of the Orange County Visitor's Bureau! Laurie tells us what's happening around Orange County, NC.


Hickory Tavern. Their Facebook page is here.

Mardi Gras and Taco Tuesday at Hickory Tavern! This is one of our favorite places to go for a bite and/or a drink, with an extensive beer list and big screen TVs all over the place.


Carr Mill Mall. Their Facebook page is here.

Carr Mill Mall is one of Carrboro's gems! Located at 200 North Greensboro St. in Carrboro, NC, it was built in the late 1800's as a cotton mill. In the 1980's it was saved from demolition by a group of concerned citizens, and today exists as the home to many eclectic shops.


My Muses Card Shop. Their Facebook page is here.

My Muses Card Shop has a lot more than just cards! Located outside Carr Mill Mall at 200 North Greenboro St. in Carrboro, NC, they are just across the railroad tracks, next to, but in the same building as The Station. They have all sorts of great, beautiful, unusual gifts.


North Carolina Crafts Gallery. Their Facebook page is here.

North Carolina Crafts Gallery, located at 212 West Main St. in Carrboro, NC, has something for everyone! NC Crafts Gallery is an independently owned retail gallery that features a wide selection of pottery and gifts handcrafted exclusively by North Carolina artists and craftsmen. They offer gifts for every occasion. Established in 1989 by art teacher Sherie Ontjes, today Sara Gress continues the tradition of offering fine, handcrafted items at the longest running gallery in Carrboro.


The Century Center Mural.

This is the new mural on the side of the Century Center in Carrboro, NC.


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