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Jackie Helvey My name is Jackie Helvey and for years I've had a web design company I've operated out of my home in Carrboro, NC called UniqueOrn Enterprises. I started the company in 1997, and had an office on Main Street right beside Armadillo Grill for a couple of years, but eventually moved back home since it was more cost effective. I also started carrboro.com in 1997, a website based on my town.

I've had hundreds of clients over the years, both here and abroad, and worked hard for decades. As I entered into my 60's and my kids were grown and on their own, I realized it was time for me to slow down and start really enjoying life. In 2015 I met my partner and started traveling, which we both love, so letting go of clients became easier and easier for me. As I became more financially stable, I found myself in the enviable position of not having to work so much. I don't plan on ever retiring because I enjoy being productive, and right now I have just enough work and am able to work from anywhere. I always carry my laptop with me when we travel. I don't have any pressing obligations and am really in a great spot in my life.

In 2018 I decided to stop production of my radio/TV show, the Wacqueline Stern Show, which I created and produced with the help of Audrey Laden, who suggested I do the show to begin with and was my original co-host and sound engineer. My dear friend Valarie Schwartz took over for Audrey in 2011 when she went on to do her own show. Val had been a writer for the Chapel Hill News and The Carrboro Citizen and was on the show for many years. She and her partner had also started traveling, so after more than 11 years on the air we decided together it was time to call it quits.

My interviews were always more like conversations with friends and I missed that aspect. I often had live musical performances by wonderfully talented guests. The show was a lot of work though, lining up guests and recording audio and video that would then be dubbed and edited for broadcasting on the People's Channel and Durham Community Media. We recorded from WCOM 103.5 FM in Carrboro. I don't regret the decision to end the show, but in February, 2021 I realized I'm not done yet! While the audio quality won't be nearly as good, the flavor of the show will remain the same, highlighting folks from all walks of life, and now it's much more inclusive.

Check back often for new videos. I've lived in this community for over 40 years so know a few folks! A lot is changing around here so I'm going to try to keep you posted on these changes. If you have a story idea, please email me at windy@carrboro.com. You can find the page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JackieIsntDone. For past videos check out my Vimeo Channel.

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